In 2015, I will be making a lot of tutorials entry. And this include makeup tutorials, shawl tutorials,
food tutorials, and etc.

Here are the lists of Tutorials that I have made (with hyperlink) and I will be make soon. More list will be coming out.

  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (grey) 13/1/2015
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (pink) 
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow ( green)
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (purple) 20/1/2015
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (yellow)
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (orange)
  • Beginner :Smokey Eyeshadow (Bronze)
  • Beginner :How to apply foundation using Beauty sponge
  • Beginner : How to apply foundation using brush
  • Beginner : How to create a perfect eyeliner (daily base)
  • Beginner : How to create a perfect cat eyeliner.
  • Beginner : How to apply false eyelashes
  • Beginner : How to contour your face
  • Beginner : How to fill your eye brow
  • Beginner : How to make your lipstick last longer
  • 1920's Makeup Tutorial 1 22/1/2015

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