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Hi Lippies, here are some of our makeup portfolio for makeup runway. We enjoyed so much creating so many creative looks and involve not only women, but also men. If you are interested to do makeup with us or do a collaboration with us, just simply whatsapp us at 0109600726.
Or email your proposal to

Let me show you guys some of the look that we have created to the models

Makeup by Naomie. The theme for this look is Blue Ocean. So I created a simple blue color with a gold liner . Topup a bit of glitter at the inner corner. and the designer request to add blink at the cheek. 

Her outfit look so cute. Her Eliza touch up a bit for her makeup so that the color become more intense. 

Makeup by Eliza. Glamorous look for this young lady. 

Makeup by Naomie. I created a Chinese look for this young Designer so she look fresh and happy. 

Makeup by Eliza, This is also a Chinese makeup look for fresh look . 

Makeup by Eliza. She make this man become divide!

Except for his cloth. Everything was purfect

Male makeup by Eliza. He remind me of a hawaiian man. hehe

Both male model was makeup by Eliza. She enhance their feature so it popup/ 

Makeup by Eliza and Naomie. She look stunning in the dress and compliment with the makeup. 

Makeup By Noamie. Did you notice she look like an actress? but i can't remember the name

i love the dress. OMG!

Makeup by Naomie. Look is Glamourous!
Me and Eliza. hehe. hopefully  we manage to do the best!

The MUA.'s Great job ladies!
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