I did contouring highlights on my hair.

11:15 PTG

Bismillah dan Assalamua’laikum semua.

Korang buat ape tu? Numi ada update terbaru untuk my hair tau. Hari Isnin lepas, Numi diberi peluang untuk menjadi Model Rambut untuk kelas hair Highlight.  Kebetulan I xda benda nak buat Isnin tu,so I pun hadirkan diri untuk menyerah diri kepada kawan lama I, Sherrie Zakaria. She’s my oldest friends back when I started going for events. Dia dulu pernah makeup muka I jadi kucing tau. Heheh. Lucu orangnya. Kelas tu berlansung di Loreal Academy Kuala Lumpur. So ini bukan kelas untuk beginning students, ini untuk mereka yang dah intermediate level. Yang nak upgrade skill mewarnakan rambut.Kelas ini dianjurkan oleh Bambang Soteto an expert hair stylist. He is one of the big names in hairstyling in KL and have done many celebrities hair. 

Untuk team member, ada 2  orang lagi,  seorang artis terkenal Malaysia : Ryzal Jaafar, dan sis Jaja yang dah lebih 15 tahun dalam hair stylist. So I know my hair will be in good hands. Although this is a class, I am quite nervous tau, sebab this will be my virgin hair they will be experimenting. Plus, last year I did cut my hair due to the hot weather in Malaysia, so they will surely be glad to colour all my hair.

Around 12.30 noon the class started. Sherrie asked me what color that I want for my hair. I said, as long as its not bright green or purple im still ok. So she decided to play with Ashe Brown for my hair. This class was to teach the student how to get a Countour Highlight. This method is to enchance the face for someone without any makeup on. Hehe. Sounds clieche right, but that’s the teacher saying.  But it’s true tho, I saw many Hollywood A list actor make this Contour hightights on their hair, and the truly enhance their beauty. So on that day I felt like an actress la ye. Heheh

I x berapa nak ingat steps2 yang hair stylist I buat, but I know they are doing their best. And this was not their first time handling a customer right. Heheh
After 5  hours sitting , standing, washing back and forth my hair, its time for hair styling. I was so shoock to see my hair turns out to be. So brown and I love the hightlight on top of it. I like it so much. It gives me a dimension for my round face. I love to see when my hair are at the side. Look so sexy and seductive. Hehe.

for more info you guys can visit Sherrie's Ig : @bubuhere ya. Details are all there. Here i will attach with my Vlog. hehe Enjoy : 
Here’s the after photo for my hair contouring highlights.

After 5 days coloring. this whats its look like from front camera. 

What do you think guys? Is it ok? Heheh please leave a good comment only ya. If not I’ll track you down. (with crazy eyes stalking you)

Overall, this experience was a great one. I've meet a celebrity, a professional hairstylist, and make some new friends. :) 

Ok till then, Assalamua’alaikum

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