[CONTEST]: Selfie with IWK to Win Nikon camera & cash Voucher RM500!!!

4:55 PTG


Hello beautiful.

Everyone LOVES to SELFIE nowadays.

Even my cats too.

Bella's sleeping selfie

During this Month, Indah Water Konsortium had launch thier selfie contest. It's just easy like a piece of cake!
And everyone will had thier chance to win! 

How to join: 

Take a selfie with Indah Water staff/ places/ apps or anything related with Indah Water. 

Email you creative photo to iwkcontest@gmail.com

Is that easy? Right! I know. Because I'm entering too...😆😆


Weekly prize will win RM300 cash vocher from Aeon

People choice award : will win a Nikon waterproof compact camera.

So guys, 1 week had passed! This week will be the 2nd week. So why don't you guys create a photo of you and IWK and win prizes.

Till then, 
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