[Hotel Review]: The Haven lakeside Residence, Suites Rates

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Assalamua'alaikum everyone. 

I have made a promise on my previous post about the The Haven Lakeside Residence right? If you haven't read about it, let's read it here. 

In this posting, I'll be more focus on the types of rooms that they offers and their rates. Stay tune peeps. 
The Haven offers 7 types of rooms,  but the major difference was where was the room facing that matters the most. 

credit photo by AYUEIDRIS.COM
For instance, our room was the 1 Bedroom Lake View Suites and the NP for the Suites rates was RM950+. But they was special Introductory rates available for our suites rates. For example, during weekend the price is RM630 +   and during weekend is RM750+.

Next, I'll show to you the view for each suites: 

1 or 2 Bedroom Suites Facing Lake view
 2+1 Lakeview Suite & 3 Bedroom Suite
 2+1 Lakeview Suite & 3 Bedroom Suite

2+1 Lakeview Standard

Living room for 3+1 Premier Bedrooms

3+1 Bathroom with Jacuzzi 
What a view right? Such a relaxing place for family and couple retreat. I was informed by Kelxy that there will be a Spa Open soon at the Haven and there will be some GREAT promotion involve. I can't wait for the promotion next year. :) I heard they will make thai Massage for couples in their balcony. hurmmm, sound interesting? I bet you.. 

For those who want to make a reservation , do not hesitate to go at their:
 official websites : http://thehavenresorts.com/

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