[EVENT] : Official launching of J&G Fried Chicken.

11:39 PTG

Assalamua'alaikum peeps.
As you'll know, I've started working at D&D Beauty House located at Sunway Putra Mall. 
I think I have said to your right? This is not an entry about my work place, but, I wanted to share with you one of the best fried chicken that Sunway Putra Mall have. 
Keep on reading guys.. You want to know the story right..
I was walking to level 4 for morning routine, as usual, girls need to be at toilet for her necessarily in the morning right. At level 4, there was a huge crowd at J&G Fried Chicken store. So I went there to see whats was going on. 

I've went to J&G Fried Chicken store once, but I never purchased their chicken. So, I went to the register desk to ask about the event. It was their official launching that day and as a blogger, I was thrilled for this kind of event!
Let me share a bit about J&G Fried Chicken. This is the No 1 Taiwanese Crispy Chicken and has been in the market for 40 years. This is the first time they enter's the Malaysian Market and thier first shop was located at Level 4 Sunway Putra Mall. 
J&G  Fried CHicken is rated to Taiwanese crispy chicken Founded in 1973, the first store was set up with an eye-catching big red signboard on the street of Jinuang, Taiching. The tasty smell of hot fried chicken filled between each customers in line, it was also the first stp for Taichug's classical snack over 40 years ago. With the persistence on "freshly fried", creating a deliciously taste from North to South of Taiwan. In recent years, J&G Fried Chicken picks up the pace on bringing this taiwanese legendary taste ove to China, currently it's expanding to almost a hundreds stores in both countries. Since the advance in China and recommended by CNN as top 40 Taiwanese foods, now they have set the goal to expand internationally and decided to enter the multi-food culthure of Malaysia. 
During the opening day in Malaysia, a special arrangeent for renowned DJ Wayne was there to serve as Manager of the day that will enable more customer to enjoy the atmosphere with them. 
Their motto : EAT, MEET & GREET with DJ Wayne 
A long row of people were there to collect RM1.00 fried chicken limited for 1000 packs. 
And as Media Friends, we were given for FREE. Yippie!

I got the chance to taste their  Signature Fried chicken Nuggets, Crispy Garlic-Flavored King Oyster Mushroom, QQ Deepsea Squid and Golden French Fries with Tartar sauce (my fav!) 
 I can say, it was a delightful and full with flavor. The smell of the fried chicken really tempting. Not forget about the taste too!
I can give them 4/5 star. 
For those who want to taste up their signature, do come over to Sunway Putra Mall, Level 4.
See you there.
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  1. Yum yum yum! Fried Chicken! This is really tempting!


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