[TIPS]: Beauty Hacks Every Girl Must Know

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Hello Ladies, How are you? I hope everything are okey yah. Because I want to share some great tips that might helps you in you daily life.
Over the years I found a handful of beauty tips that work great for me, so today I would like to share with you some of the best beauty hacks every girl out there must know. These life-changing beauty tips will keep you looking great. Keep scrolling ladies! 

First tips :
If you are the type who always finds excuses not to take off your makeup before you go to bed, try to keep makeup remover next to your bed. Sleeping with makeup on can cause you breakouts and do nothing but poor result to your skin health. So on nights when you feel too exhausted and don’t feel like standing in front of the mirror to remove it, you will be more than happy to have the remover stashed next to your bed. Make sure to clean your face before going to sleep. If not,,,, you'll know what will happen..

Next up,
Grown out manicure can be hid by creating a glitter ombre effect and start at the base of your nails. A smart way to distract from a chipped or overgrown manicure is with the use of glitter. Your nails will look pretty and you will be happy! Besides, for Muslims women you can use the peel off nail color. There are tons of color available in hijab's store. :) 

Third tips: 
If you are too impatient, like me, to wait for your moisturiser or toner to dry, or even for your makeup to set, blow dry your skin on the cool setting. This will help speed up the process and save you time.
Or, you can sit in front of you fan and let it stay still in front of you. 

forth tips: 
On some days when you just feel so lazy to put extra effort to makeup or you just don’t want to mess with your whole makeup regimen, try to use lipstick to add a little colour to your lips, cheeks and eyes. One product for three usage. Money and time saving. 

Last tips:

Make sure to wash you feet before you get to sleep. To avoid nightmare. hehehehe.

Good luck ladies. May you find these tips useful for your daily life. 


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  1. very informative informations. This will be very helpful for me. I like your blog.



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