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Assalamua'alaikum everyone.
To get a good and healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. Its the best way to maintain your hair growth and gift new baby hair so you're head will not go bold if you're scapl get clogs.
Keep on reading guys, because i got the solutions for you...

Recently, i went to The Muse hair Studio for a scalp treatment. There are several types of scalp treatment available, but for me i went to the EXENCE DETOX AROMATHERAPY : Optimum Care For Purification of the Scalp. 

My hair and scalp specialist, Ken were very passionate about hair. But before we start with the therapy, first they zoom in to my scapl. 
Here's what my scalp looks like before the therapy:

From these pictures, you can easily see the dandruff, the clogged pores of my scalp. Wait untill you see the result guys, so keep on scrolling.

The first step for this theraphy was to relax me with aromatherapy. Ken gave me this relaxing smell, makes me so calm and he also gave me massage. Just like in a spa.

The essential oils that Ken's use was the Sergia Detox essential oil, lavender, pine and bergamot essential. 

Next, he began to coat my hair with a Mineral Mud and Detoplus 1. This three products are the fist steps for the treatments.

While Ken was applying my the products i did asked him about the problems taht suits this treatment. 

He siad, it was mainly because of toxic buildup. Where do we get the toxic then? It was in the hair products it self. Excess sebaceous sebum and residual chemicals from synthetic hair products that are not cleanse and expelled properly can attract bacteria and dirt. And it cause the clogs, hair follicles and also damaging hair vitality. When the scalp is unhealthy and damaged, the lifecycle of hair follicles will reduced and might lead to permanent hair loss. Besides, hormones chany, physical and emotional stress and nutrition deficiency could also leads to hair loss.

Thus, this detoxing program is a delicate treatment for deep purification of the scalp. Its helps to clean the follicles, nourished it and regulatrs the supply of nutrients into the hair roots.
He siad, it also gives the customer the relaxing time, so that the stress level can be reduced. 

After 20 minutes, he began to apply the shampoo,he used ENFANT Shampoo and then, BALM PH3 RELAX (conditioners)

The shampoo have a mint sensation, which i like it so much. And the conditioner helps to nourish the hair and scalp. i can feel my scalp fresh and cool.

The last steps was to apply DETOPLUS 2 onto the scalp to complete the theraphy.

The reveal time fellas: 

Did my scalp treatment works?

Yippie! From the pictures, you can clearly see the follicles are not clogged and it cleans my head scalp entirely.

I'm so satisfied with the therapy + treatment given by The Muse And Hair studio.

For those who wanted to grow back their hair, or to avoid hair losses from now, I really recommend you to come for this therapy.
They got promotion for the first time customers: RM68.00 Instead of RM250.00

Follow their Instgram :

Or go to facebook: The Muse Hair Specialist 

The location: Neo Damansara. You can easily Waze it thou.

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  1. Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers

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