Safi Rania Advance Corrector Launching and Pampering session (Part 2)

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Assalamua’alaikum and hello ladies. If you haven’t read my first post on the Safi Rania Advance Corrector entry, here’s the link for the entry. LINK

Continue with my story, before we have our spa massage , we must first filled in the form that were given, so it’s easier for them to know what type of massage we want and at what level of massage that we can bare with.  I went for the hard core type of massage. But I knew that I’m not the type of person who can bear with hard massage. Haha
Massage room

Then, a woman came to me and asked me to follow her to the massage room.  The room was so cozy and peaceful, the scent of the aromatic scent really made my stress flew out.  She asked me to change my cloths with a disposable panty and bra.

The massage that I did was the Aromatherapy massage. Which my favourite kind of massage, because it gives me a peaceful mind and rilex body. 

It was a 1 hour massage. After the massage, she gave me a herbal tea to keep my body warm. 

But you know right, The Banjaran Hotspring offers other great facilities other than the spa. Ayu and me explore each spot and pots that is available there.

Let's me share some of the great places and pots that you can try here...
Fish Therapy. Good to exfoliate dead skin
Crystal cave, another spot for body massage and meditation

seats for meditation or yoga
On meditations
Swimming pool. 

Ice pots! My favorite,
Credit photo : Ayue Idris
Hot spring pots. Most recommended.!

Scenery in the resort.
 So, are you excited guys? I really want to come back to The Banjaran Hot Spring and Retreat in the future. But, it cost you nearly RM2k to stay there.

I'm so fortunate to be given this opportunity my Salina PR and Safi Rania to join the launching here.
I hope next year I will get this exclusive invites again

Thanks for reading guys.

For those who haven't read my 1st post, you can go here : Safi Rania Advance Corrector Lanching & Pampering session (part 1)

 Wait for my review on the products guys.
because I have good feedback for them

Till then,
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