Safi Rania Advance Corrector Launching & Pampering session (Part 1)

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Assalamua'alaikum ladies. 
For the past few weeks, for those who have already followed me on Instagram, they might noticed some pictures that were  taken at The Banjaran HotSpring and Retreat, Ipoh. 
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The main reasons why I was at the Banjaran Hot Spring and Retreat was to attend a launching of a new range by Safi Rania Advance Corrector. It was an exclusive event, as they seldom bring Media friends to a luxury place like that. 
And I'm so lucky to get invited by Ayue and Salina PR for this event. Thanks guys. LOVE you. 
Let me share with you guys, what did Ayue and me did during the event. hehe. Feast you eyes guys. 

Ayu and myself arrived at Tropicana City Mall around 7.30 am, because we were told by the organizer to arrived earlier. :) around 8.45 am, after all the ladies from media plate from arrived, that were around 12 of us. We departed from Tropicana city mall with 2 luxury vehicles. :)
 As usual, we took the best seats in the Alphard, that was the back seat. hahahaa, FYI, we loved to take video and snap crazy pictures. hahah. So sorry for our sisters from other magazines that they have to deal with our notiness. hahah
But first, let me take a selfie. After 1 and half hours of driving, we arrived at The Banjaran Hotspring and Retreat. We were really amazed with the scenery and the freshness of the air. 

 Say 'Hi' Ayue. I know she's excited to meet Vanidah Imran.
 We were asked to entered Villa 15, as that was the event took place. And during our walked to Villa 15, we were viewed by great view of the pool and the mountain.
 So. here we arrived at Villa 15, and you can see inside there, some of the guest have arrived earlier.
After breakfast, the event started with the warmed welcome by one of Salina's PR, and then she passed the mic to Safi Spokesperson, Puan Mahsuri. She had introduced to us about their new range of Safi products.
 The highlight in their new product range were the combination of Gold and Diamond Nano Gold that will not only decrease the appearance of fine lines on the face but it also treats, stimulates, activates and regenerates collagen cell formation and skin elastin twice faster, starting from the first application. This new dimension within the anti-ageing beauty product is more intensive and specifically developed to combat ageing problem for SAFI women.

Enthusing further on the uniqueness of this new product range, Puan Mahsuri explains, “SAFI RANIA Advanced Corrector is the second anti-ageing product range of its kind by SAFI after SAFI RANIA Gold anti-ageing product range with Bio Nano Gold 24k formulation. Consumers will have the choice to mix and match SAFI RANIA Advanced Corrector with SAFI RANIA Gold products to attain optimum result whilst obtaining double benefits.”   
 Also present during the self-pampering session was SAFI guest aesthetician, Doctor Lim Chin Keong, explaining on the factors of ageing and ways of prevention.  

Skin aging is often associated with inactive and damaged skin genes and DNA, leading to incapability in the production of crucial proteins to sustain normal skin functions as seen in the youths.  Safi Rania Advanced Corrector has been specifically formulated with active ingredients of DNA technology that aim to activate skin’s DNA and thus ultimately producing important skin proteins such as collagen, fibronectin, elastin as well as enzymes into each skin layer to maintain skin youthfulness and decelerate skin aging process.” Explains Doctor Lim.

To complement the exclusive event, SAFI RANIA Advanced Corrector personality, actress, mother and wife Vanidah Imran shared her tips on skincare and how she attains her peace of mind in between career, managing her family and her children.

“As an artist, a mother and a wife, it is undeniable that the roles I am playing are challenging indeed, especially in keeping everything manageable and accomplished. For women in their 40s like me, reinstating my look back to its former glory is certainly a dream and an important step that I need to be confident in heeding every day challenges. No matter how busy I am, I will always allocate a “me time” to pamper myself, especially on my face. I am glad to have SAFI RANIA Advanced Corrector as my pampering companion. Thanks to the Nano Diamond DNA Technology formulation that works at every level to produce double the amount of collagen and skin elastin, I am able to restore the beauty and the youthfulness of my skin. And I am happy to share my achievement with everyone,” says Vanidah.   
After Vanidah shared her experienced, we were invited for lunch time. Yippie. We're served with salad as the opening, chicken curry and white rice as the main course and completed our lunch with cinamon ice cream. 

 After having our tummy filled, Hasif told us to head to the Spa for our pampering session. that was the Full body massage. yahoo! I have not massaging my body since last year, and I hope to get a good body massage here. hehe
I have to stop writing for now. But, no worries guys I will continue my story in my next post.

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