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Hello peeps, I know some of you are fans of Nando's, Guess what peeps, they are launching or introducing 9 new menus for you'all. 
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These new menus that Nando's introduces are burgers, wrap and pitas bread. Variety of them, as it just not focused to chicken and beef but also veges too. These new dishes together with any main course are also available with 1 side, 2 sides or for the pint-sized eater, you can order on its own!

These new menus is to encourage their fans to #TrySomethingNew as it introduces new and creative ways to satisfy their lemon and herb, mild, hot and extra hot PERI-PERI craving. 

You can also try the classic flame-grilled PERI-PERI chicken that was extra hot, and also try out their fresh and crunchy chicken breast burger, the tender Chicken Pita and tangy Chicken wrap. 

Another winning optuion that would be concoction of PERI-PERI chicken , garlic bread and coleslaw affectionately called the Nandoca's Burger. This special dish was accidentally discovered by a staff when he was  experimenting  with his staff meal during lunch. This Nandoca's Burger became the most top choices among the blogger. 

The PERI-PERI experts also have new items for herbivores and carnivores! I'm a omnivores yah! Can eat veges and meat. But for those herbivores and carnivores, there are special meal for you guys. there are 3 decedent items have added into the mix. The  fillings of these dishes are made up of healthy, somewhat unusual but premium ingredients. 

The Roasted Veggie Wrap has all the veggie goodness one would desire including couscous, feta cheese, and hummus while the Black and Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap is for those who crave something a little more 'meaty' as it''s slathered with Portobello Mushrroom and premium Halloumi Cheese. For something quick yet spicy and tangy, the Veggie Burger is the classic all-time favorite,
For meat lovers, you can enjoy the Steak Burgers, this is a Pime Autralian Beef strak that is basted and lovingly laid on a bed of spicy red pepper dip and accompanied by crunchy fresh rocket and pickled red oniom. 

Orite, enuff about eating, Let's talk about the event it self. Ayue and me arrive at Atria Mall around 7.00 pm, and we were informed that we arrived a bit early for the event.(it's a good thing to arrive early right?)
So we're ordered drinks and watched the PR stuff organizing a long table with new dishes. I've set my eyes on the Nandoca's Burger. and also the Espetada Carnival. Looks yummy!

Around 7.30 pm bloggers started to arrive and we set with Feeq and Fatin.Oh yah! not to forget, on each tables they provide us an Instax Camera. pretty cool organizers lah. They just know how to make their crowd happening by giving the Instax Camera and also giving the quiz based on the new menus. 

Not just that, bloggers got to ordered anything on the new menus and also drinks. We ordered Espetada Carnival, Nandoca Burger, Steak Burgers, Butterfly Chicken, and a few more. 
We really had a great time during the event and it definitely worthyour money to try something new at Nando's. 

Nando's Malaysia's new menu is available in all Nando's Malaysian Outlets, To find out more on hot to enjoy the delectable new Nando's menu, log on to or visit Nando's Malaysia Facebook page at
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4 Orang Positif

  1. OH MY GOD! Nando's have new menu?!!! Oh lucky you it's in Malaysia only isn't?
    It is my favourite place to eat! Now I'm craving hummous with warm pitta bread mmmmmmmmmm
    Also that chicken skewer looks amazing!


    1. Hye Dovile,
      I think it's in Malaysia only. And the pita bread was delicious.
      I hope they will make it at your country soon..

  2. Balasan
    1. Kalau lidah mat salleh , blh la kata sedap. Huhu..


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