My Birthday Surprise

3:15 PTG

For those who haven't wish me on my birthday, this is the right time.
Because I got surprised from my babe and my baby at Sushi King yesterday!
Keep on reading guys...
Yesterday, I was getting a surprised from my hubby and my babe, Ayue Idris at  Sushi King. During my original birthday day, my hubby and I went to Klang to do some work. Eventually, on that day my hubby had not done any surprise of gave me any present. huhuh. pity me right. 
Plus my babe, Ayue also went MIA during my birthday. No calls, SMS, Whatapps, nor PM. I taught that she had forgotten my birthday. huhuh.. 
I was so 'SENTAP' with her action, so I just make my usual routine on the next day. 
Hub told me that we have to go to Mid Valley to meet Clients there. ermmm, I was a bit suspicious thou. Because, I know  his clients wouldn't met him there. Because Mid valley is such a crowded place! No old man want to make meeting there lah.. 
But I followed him anyway. 
Benn said that we will have a meeting at Dominos Pizza Mid Valley and as I recalled, I never seen Dominos Pizza anywhere in that mall. hahah
But he insisted to go there, and that was my 2nd time suspicious. He said, "Adalah Dominos Pizza dekat sana, B dah check dah "
I replied him "OK,"
We arrived at MV, and went to the LG Floor to search for Dominos Pizza. According to FB, it was supposed to be at LG 012 but, it was already taken by Texas Chicken. Then I said to him like this. 
"Kan syg dh ckp, memang tak de lah Dominos dekat sini. Degil~"
He just made his cute 'Sengih" at me and asked me "where to eat lah? Pizza Hut nak?"
"As long it is pizza I'm happy baby."
then, we asked the Laichi Boy about Pizza Hut. No Pizza Hut nor Dominos PIzza here mister. 
Then he asked me "Syg nak makan apa lah"
"Sushi King je lah" 
But then, he suddenly asked for an excused to the rest room. So, I just walked along and saw Nando's. Ah! Let's just eat at Nando's then. Free Of Charge. 
But then, he insisted me to go back to Sushi King for lunch. okey babe. suits your self. 
I ordered him drinks and took some sushi. Then suddenly, Ayue came with a cake! It was Ice cream cake by Banskin Robins. Ayue and Benn have planned this since yesterday. 
I was like "What?" AND SURPRISE. 
Selfie with Ayue..
OOOOOO, Patutlah Ayue x wish ape2 eh. 
She said, "I saje je tak nak contact you and plan ini dengan benn" 

and my babe just sit with a big smile. I knew he was not feeling well yesterday, but he insisted to gave his wife a surprise. 
I love you both lah.. 
We really have a great time eating sushi and enjoying the moment. This was my 2nd birthday surprise. 
Next time, Ayue's birthday. 
Coming Soon...
Thanks for reading guys. 
P/s: I seldom used hijab if I went out with my hubby. Just bare with me yah.. :) 
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