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Vaping has becoming a great phenomena in Malaysia. Now, everywhere I go, I can see not just man, but also woman vaping. You can have your own judgement about Vape, some said it's bad but some said it good. Depends on your thought actually. 

So, for vapors lovers OMGFest has made a huge JV with some local Vape owners to collaborate together in an event that will be happening on 17th and 18th October 2015 at Shah Alam Convention Center. 

This is the largest vape festival in Malaysia as it has almost 100 of vape vendors that will be gathering and almost 50 000 visitors will be entering the festival. This Vape Fest is not just vendors, but also there will be exhibition, education session about vape, games and some performance by local artist. 

There will be " Cloud Skill" Game for professional vapers, talk by MOVE (Malaysian Organisation of Vape Entity) about Vaping and many more. 

For the entry pass will cost you RM3.00 and VIP passes for RM10.00. These money will be given to some orphanage houses and also Tabung Bencana Gaza. 

The main sponsor for these event are : Fruit Ninja, Brepus Vapers, and Vape Empire Sdn Bhd.

For more info about the Vape Fest:
011 26261656 / 019 2796275
During the press conference, I've talked to the owner of Brepus Vaper Mr Syed, a young entrepreneur. 

Some of the question that I've asked :

1." Is Smog from the Vape is dangerous?"
Anwser : "No, because the contain inside the Liquid is not dangerous. It's just like breeze at Genting"

2. "What is the main ingredient inside the liquid?What is the base to make the liquid?"
Answer : " It's Propylene glycol "

3. "What is the difference between shisha and vape?"
Answer : "Shisha uses different heating mechanism that is coal but vape uses an electronic heating devices"

There were some other question that I've asked him but unfortunately I couldn't remembered. Brepus Vapers is the Gold Sponsor for Vape Fest and Mr Syed himself made these liquid. There are 7 liquid available in their range and the famous among all is the Chewingum. 
And new flavor available :

 I got myself Double Guava from Brepus Vapes
Instagram : https://instagram.com/brepusvapers/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/brepusvapers?fref=ts

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