[EVENT] : Rexona Fresh Move Pricing ceremony With Scha Alyahya

2:10 PTG


Assalamua'alaikum everyone. 

Rexona recently have teamed up with Scha Alyahya, Nabil Ahmad and Jihan Muse to spread the "Rexona Fresh Move Campaign" in several education videos, I thinks some of you might seen some of these video right. and they also have made a contest for this campaign. 

Keep on reading guys...  Because you might not expected who's the winner for these contest.
On 8th o October last few weeks, it was the prizing ceremony for the event. Ayu and me was invited to join these event that took place at  Sunway Pyramid. 
For loyal customer of Rexona, you may try out their new range of Spray deodorant; Rexona FreshProtect. The special about these deodorant was that the more you move, the fresher you are. This is because of the microcapsule that breaks after you move and it release fresh odor to the surrounding. 

That is why, Rexona have came up with the 'Rexona Fresh Move campaign". 

Over 5 million viewers of these videos were seen at Facebook and YouTube within 2 month and it's still increasing yah. Malaysian were thrilled to see the Scha dancing and not to forget the contest that I'm telling you about. 

For the contest, there were around 20 winners were selected based on their creativity in dancing and creating their fresh move with Rexona. It was great to see some of the youngsters, mothers, and family members collaborated in the fresh move dance. 

In the event, there was a sketch performance by Nabil, Scha and Jihan. These 3 characters meet t revealed the functionality of Rexona Spray With Freshprotect and how it keeps one fresh with every moves. 

It was funny thou. hahah, The audience were excited to see Nabil and Jihan as they are one of Malaysian Top Comedian. 

So, anyway for you guys who wanted to get your own Rexona Spray Freshprotect for man and women, you can get it in all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets in Malaysia. 

Price range : RM12.50-RM13.50

Till then guys, 

Thanks for reading. 
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