I have an Announcement to tell you'll ..

10:10 PTG

Assalamua'alaikum wbt
Hello Ladies,
I have special announcement to make. 
Keep on reading, if you wanna know what my announcement is...
I have already tell you about my dream to become an entrepreneur right? It's really happening now!heheheh.
I know, some of my friends in Facebook have been aware about this. Thanks guys, for becoming the first persons liked my New FB page.
I want to introduce my own Facebook shop:

 Hijab By  Nae'la Firafisya
Yippieee. :D
So, hurry guys. Head on to my Facebook Page, 
click on the "LIKE" button and wait for my first batch of hijab that will be reveal in October.
Stay tune,
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2 Orang Positif

  1. Congratulations on your new venture and best wishes for success!!!

  2. Tahniahhhhh kak!! Nanti nak terjahhhh...


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