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Last week, Malaysia’s largest grocery retailer, GCH Retail Malaysia Sdn Bhd (GCH Retail), has signed a 5 year contract for nine types of vegetables for modern integrated farms in Cameron Highlands.

we're here.. :) 
Me and my bff, Ayue Idris were invited as the Social Media Blogger to witness the launching for this event. We arrived at Giant Kota Damansara ta 9.00 am, and were greeted with a heart warming welcome by Nurul Fatin Hashim the PR  for GCH Retail and also Roseta Modh Jaafar, the Corporate Affairs Director of GCH Retail Malaysia.

The events started around 10 am with the first speech by Dato’ Tim Ashdown, CEO of GCH Retail. In the speech, he said that as the owner of four retail brands, -Giant, Cold Storage. Mercato and Jason Food Hall, the partnership ia a strategic initiative way to enable them to deliver a great quality of fresh vegetables to the customers, that came straight from Cameron Highland. He also added , customer demand for high quality products, that is high in nutrition and of course fresh. These demands will be addressed by the collaboration with Agroto and the joint brand O’Fresh.

Some of the fresh vegetables.
The nine vegetables are cabbage, Beijing cabbage, tomato, capsicum, kyuri (Japanese cucumber), chilli, lettuce, little gem and white radish.

For your information, the farm is located at 1,400 meter above sea level on the hilly terrain of Cameron Highland, which makes Agroto can produces fresh food that is born of the exquisite high altitude coupled with the area’s equable climate, makes it suitable for year-round planting.

In Dato’ Hj Ahmad Shalimin bin Shaffie, the Chairman of Agroto said “ We use a combination of modern and conventional farming techniques-green house/ controlled environment farming, soilless hydroponic system and conventional open farming to name a few. The various techniques are employed to better control and quality of farm produce while ensuring a consistent and sustainable yield.”

Dato' Tim and Dato'Hj Ahmad Shalimin during the cutting ceremony
After both CEO’s speech, there the launching ceremony by cutting capsicum and strawberry by both of the CEO, and not only that, there also went to the display placement for each vegetable in the Giant Store.
Premium quality of capsicum
Cheap and affordable
The selling price each vegetables are very reasonable, tomatoes for RM2.99 a kilo, same with the cabbage, RM1.99 for one lettuce, RM4.99 a kilo for tomato cherry, RM9.99 a kilo for capsicum, and many more.

Cherry tomato only at RM2.99 per KG. SO CHEAP LAHhhh!
We were informed by Dato’ Tim Ashdown that  Agroto had supplied 1000 cartons of vegetables daily to 40 Giant stores in West Malaysia and it was expected that the demand will increase in the future.

A bit about Agroto.

2nd largest supplier fo primeum quality fresh farm produce. The company aspires to be the most reliable in the local and regional agriculture frontier.

The process flow for integrated Farming

Modern Farming
Seeding à Plantingà harvesting à Gradingà cleaning à Packaging à Central store à Distributing à Wholesaler, Retailer, Consumer

They are unique because;

Motto: Freshness, Quality, Safe-to-Eat
From Farm-to-fork concept; Minimal time required from farm to consumer to ensure freshness
Adopting of GAP (Good Agricultural Practice)
Traceability- From seed to harvest, each step can be traced back to its sources.
Competent expertise & Management
Advantage from technology and fully ranged facilities
Striving for consumers satisfaction
Keep abreast with market development.

So now consumers can get Fresh, cheap and premium quality vegetables at nearest Giant Store.
Till then,
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