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Bausch + Lomb launched Lacelle Jewel, a monthly disposable coloured contact lens in Malaysia in a glamorous way. This monthly disposable series has made its first appearance in Asia.

The latest technology integration in Lacelle™ Jewel has a unique lens design that enhances the excellent lens centration. Due to the thin lens design whereby the centre thickness of 0.078mm, this permits great comfort to the contact lens wearer. This lens material with a water content of 38% provide excellent comfort and also minimizes protein uptake from our tears for hygienic and ease of lens wearing.

The design of Lacelle Jewel darkens and enlarges the iris to portray naturally bigger eyes whereby the result of wearing Lacelle Jewel will make the eyes distinctive and bright, leaving the eyes looking naturally coloured rather than artificial. This is due to its unique and colourful jewel patterns which gives more depth and brilliance. The amazing factor of Lacelle Jewel is the integration of colour in the lenses material which is embedded by technology to enable comfort and good eye health.

With the latest and newly improved integration of colour technology, this has managed to make Lacelle Jewel series the most significant coloured contact lens. This component provides an alluring and compelling look. With varieties of 7 colours to choose from, it can match any outfit of the day to enhance your looks altogether whether it’s a date or just to make a mesmerizing impression with radiant sparkling eyes with concentration on implementing excellent vision at the same time. Due to the jewel patterns of the contact lenses, it presents a dazzling outcome.

“The latest series of Lacelle Jewel is very appealing and will definitely suit the trends of the youths of today as it exudes out a fun and festivity mood to its users without deserting the most important factor of safety and comfort which makes Lacelle Jewel significantly one-of-a-kind”, commented Jake Kim, Managing Director of Bausch + Lomb, Singapore & Malaysia. The aesthetic factor is no doubt a very important aspect for coloured contact lens users and utmost definitely, Bausch + Lomb does not neglect the vital considerations of comfort of wearing the contact lenses when developing, improving, and designing their contact lenses.
Due to the fact that the lenses contain pigment standards which is authenticated and certified by the FDA implies the safety precaution of ensuring protection to its users. So worry-not with Lacelle Jewel series! 
The lenses are likewise resistance to protein deposits by the eye which makes it safe for application which in turn prevents uneasiness to the eyes towards end of the day. Lacelle Jewel lenses have been shown to be non-toxic and non-irritant to the eye as Lacelle practices safe colour additive.

Various Lacelle Jewel roadshows will take place nationwide in tertiary education institutes in Klang Valley and among other popular locations such as Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor Bahru. There are also fun filled activities and games for the public to enjoy.
Lacelle Jewel contact lenses will be made available from 1st September 2015 at all major optical dealers. It is a new line extension to the current Lacelle and Lacelle Colours.

Lacelle Jewel series retails at RM68 per box. 

P/s : Don't forget to join their contest to win great prizes. :) 

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