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Assalamua'alaikum ladies. 
I know Raya is just around the corner, about 9 days for us to bake some cookies and cakes. Like my mum, every year she'll be baking one or two cakes and three or four types of cookies or what we Sarawakian called "BISKUT". The must cookies that we baked each year are : Makmur, Semperit, Popiah and Cheese stick. 

These biscuits have all the simplest recipe among other biscuits and for today, I would like to share some Semperit biscuits that  were sent to me to try on. The Semperit or Dahlia cookies have long since become a tradition during Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is celebrated across thousands of Malaysian homes. Shaped after a daisy in bloom, while topped with a cherry flake, it inspires a sense of nostalgia, while its unmistakable taste presents melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
SCS Butter is bringing back the classic, but with a twist. Keeping true to tradition of how it is baked, yet refreshing its appearance and reinvigorating its taste to include four new, yet familiar variations, these refreshing creations resonate with the premier butter-maker’s aspirations – to infuse into the delicate household favourite with a dash of innovation and a touch of creativity.

 Normally, my mum would just make the common Semperit but SCS Dairy were kind enough  to give me  taste some more type of Semperit that were made by using SCS Diary butter. 

Chocolate Hazelnut
A light-textured delight fused with a spoonful of nutty and chocolaty goodness, this treat offers a rich flavour. Savoury at first bite while sweet in the centre, the biscuit has the perfect blend of butter and crunch without losing its gentle appeal.
Orange Surprise
This classic rendition is more than just another Semperit sensation. Kids will certainly go gaga over this variant as it offers a burst of buttery passion driven through Orangeville, which is sprinkled with a glittering finish.

Coffee & Nuts
This coffee-based concoction offers a crispy on the outside while delicate on the inside experience. Paired with a cuppa, you will feel a boost of energy. Starting big, the bite-size booster ends with a subtle hint.

Peanut Butter
Topped with grated nuts on its smooth exterior and layered thinly with a coat of peanut butter in the middle, this headliner of a cookie is well-deserving of a big round of applause. Without a doubt, taste and texture are its best features.

With these uniquely-designed Raya cookie recipe collection popping out of the oven in time for the season’s festivities, you’ll be taking these SCS Butter inspired desserts with you on that ride back to your kampung. One can never go wrong with the personal touch so be prepared to be greeted with more than just warm smiles and heartfelt salams on Raya Day.

“Our passion for creation and our love of bringing something refreshing to the table drives us,” comments Michelle Lim, Chief Creative Officer of Auric Pacific Group Limited. “We implement only the finest workmanship and expertise into our every undertaking and effort so that SCS Butter meets your need for superior quality. You have our word that good taste will be the flavour that keeps greeting you.”

Baking enthusiasts interested in the recipes for the butter-based specialty cookies above can check out SCS’s Facebook page or their YouTube channel. Recipe booklets for these cookies can be obtained from select supermarkets.

For more update, head on to their Facebook page :

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