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It's already week 3 of Eid, and I'm still here at Kuching. I've decided to stay up at Kuching until mid of August. Because I'm waiting for my little sister's convocation day. 😄😄

So, talk about Hari Raya, how was you Raya been? I've seen so many pictures of my friends especially those blogger friends, my classmates, and my customers having the blast during raya. Syukur.. But for me, this is the first time I'm away from my own family for raya. This year, me and hubby went to Segamat to celebrate Shawal there first. And the experienced was not that I expected to be. 

Here, hari raya celebration was not that happening. As my family in law's family is the eldest daugther and son. We just wait for their brothers and sisters to come down to celebrate raya with them. As for my family, everytime raya, we will go to my grandma's house to celebrate there. And we also have the forgiving ritual (salam bersalaman). Ermmm, yah.. I can say, the most excited person to celebrate raya was me. I'm the one who wear new cloths and wear full raya attire for the first day of raya.. Hehehe. My hubby? Nah.. He just wear his Baju Melayu from the last year. Huhuhu😂😂 it's not my fault for not preparing him the Baju Melayu, but he preferred to use casual wear during raya.. So be it sayang. As long as you're happy, I'm okey.. 😉

But then, I realized that it's a waste of baju if I wore it for the whole day. Hahaha. 😁😁
In the afternoon, I changed my clothing to casual wear, which was more comfortable that before... 

About cooking, my mother in law made Lontong, Kari Daging, and Ayam Rendang which is my favourite. This was my first time to have Lontong for raya , served with Nasi Impit. Yummy!! Both mama and mak are great cook! Ehehehe

And that's my story for 1st raya with my husband. I'll continue the story later in my  next entry yah. 

Stay tune. Till then, 

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