Iftar with Safi Rania Gold & Safi Balqis Ambassador At Royal Chulan Hotel

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Malaysia’s no. 1 halal brand SAFI embraced the holiness of Ramadan with an iftar and Tarawih prayer held at the Royale Ballroom, Royale Chulan, Mutiara Damansara recently.  

“For more than 20 years, SAFI, Malaysia’s no.1 halal brand understands the beauty needs of every Malay Muslim woman. We accomplish their quest for beauty with innovative beauty products, using advanced and the best beauty formulations formulated by our experts at the Wipro Unza (M) Sdn. Bhd. research and development lab. Our products are absolutely made to complement their beauty regimen, in line with modernity but without compromising the syariah requirements,” said Cik Nor Aziani Azizan Senior Product Manager SAFI.

“In line with SAFI brand motto, Safe & Pure, the SAFI Ramadan Al-Mubarak event was organised to uphold the sanctity of Ramadan month. It was also organised as a symbolic integration between the modern day-to-day lifestyle and the Syariah requirements. We gave it a different approach by adding a dash of spiritual enrichment through SAFI tazkirah session and Tarawih prayer led by Imam Muda Asyraf and of course, a room for us to strengthen the ties that bind with breaking fast,” Cik Nor Aziani Azizan, Senior Product Manager SAFI further shared on the uniqueness of the occasion.

 During SAFI tazkirah session entitled “Halal Toyyiban,” Imam Muda Asyraf divulged on the importance of seeking halal fortune and complement our daily life with halal products. In addition, he also touched on the topic of “sincerity in giving”, reminding guests on the importance of sharing attained fortune and knowledge with everyone in order to gain a blessed life.

Following suit, the Srikandi SAFI discussion session brought forward two SAFI women who are the source of inspiration for every woman, Nora Danish – Ambassador of SAFI RANIA GOLD and Hanis Zalikha – Ambassador of SAFI BALQIS, imparting their opinions on look, confidence as well as the beauty of Ramadan.

“As a mother, I have put aside the hectic schedule of my career as an artist and using it as to spend some quality time with my child in educating him on the third pillar of Islam, which is fasting. Training your children to fast these days is slightly different. If he could persevere at least up to half a day, I would reward him with extra time for iPad plus some pocket money,” Nora shared her experience on her child’s fasting training. 

“For Hanis, this Ramadan is quite different to me. In the past, I would leave both fasting and fast breaking matters in my mother’s hand. Now that I have become a wife, it is time for me to take up the responsibility. Also, In the past, my mother used to wake me up for sahur, but now I have to manage everything on my own and I am grateful for my mother’s constant guidance,” Hanis Zalikha, SAFI BALQIS ambassador shared.

Both SAFI ambassadors divulged tips with the guests on how to appear beautiful and fully confident. “In Hanis’ opinion, a woman’s key to success is to be confident of her unique personality and believe in her own capabilities. Bring it out with great appearance, beginning with perfectly fair and even toned skin. SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY complements the transformation of my confidence and appearance, subsequently bringing out my personality from inside and out,” Hanis shared her opinion on a woman’s key of success. 

“Hanis believes that in the month of Ramadan, apart from practising a balanced diet in ensuring optimum physical health, we also need to pay attention to our skin moisture in order to look fresh and radiant, albeit being busy managing our daily agenda.
For individuals with normal skin, Hanis recommends SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY Day Moisturising Cream SPF20A++. The SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY Day Moisturising Cream SPF20A++ whitens effectively while protecting skin from harmful UV rays. It also keeps the skin moisturised and fresh for soft, smooth and stress-free complexion, all day long.  

As for individuals with oily skin, Hanis recommends SAFI BALQIS WHITE TRILOGY Hydragel Facial Moisturiser. The uniqueness of this product lies in its water-based formulation with gel texture that suits oily skin. The light formulation penetrates into the skin without leaving any sticky residue. Its hyaluronic acid content keeps the skin moisturised and fresh,” Hanis Zalikha shares on the secret to a perfectly fair, moist and radiant skin during Ramadan.

SAFI RANIA GOLD ambassador – Nora Danish opined that there is no easy way out to beauty. “In my opinion, a beautiful woman is a woman whose beauty encompasses both internal and external aspects. The beautiful aura of a woman radiates from their discipline in constantly caring and treating their skin with suitable range of products to fully benefit the skin.” She added, “Every day is a new day for us to enrich ourselves with knowledge and to beautify our personality. All of that does not happen in a short span of time.”

Talking about her beauty regimen, she agreed that women of her age need to utilise suitable skincare products that correspond to the needs of their skin. “There are women who assume that anti-ageing skin care regimen is only required when you have reached 40, yet many are unaware that even when you reach your mid-20s, the natural production of collagen at the dermis layer of the skin will start to diminish. Hence, your skin will look dull, less elastic and tired.”

“Today, I would like to share two SAFI RANIA GOLD products that are key to my self-confidence and the secret to my fair and youthful look. The first product is absolutely SAFI RANIA GOLD serum. The No.1 serum in Malaysia is effective in rejuvenating my skin. It contains 50x more BIO NANO GOLD 24K that effectively increases the collagen production. Apart from that, it also contains active micro molecules that absorb deep into the skin to stimulate collagen synthesis to increase skin’s elasticity. Use it after applying the skin toner and before moisturising cream,” said Nora.

“My second favourite product helps me in retaining my skin’s freshness and moisture, especially during this Ramadan. SAFI RANIA GOLD Skin Drink Lotion locks in the skin moisture; rejuvenates and retains the moisture and smoothens the skin. The Bio Hyaluronic content in this product locks moisture at optimum level up to 24 hours. It is akin to drinking up to 8 glasses of water,” Nora conveyed her secret to attain moisturised and radiant skin.

The Dzikrullah chanted by Hafiz Hamidun further enriched every soul present during the blessed evening. This was followed by the breaking fast event with SAFI BALQIS ambassador – Hanis Zalikha and SAFI RANIA GOLD ambassador – Nora Danish where guests enjoyed an assortment of local dishes and specially prepared desserts inspired by three SAFI product ranges such as Pulut Tai Tai SAFI BALQIS, Bingka Ubi and Talam Emas SAFI RANIA GOLD and Kuih Seri Muka Talam Keladi and Kuih Lapis Pelangi SAFI SHAYLA, also strengthening the ties that bind between guests. 

For further information on SAFI, visit SAFI Facebook page, www.facebook.com/SAFIMALAYSIA
SAFI Instagram page @safimalaysia 
SAFI Youtube channel at www.youtube.com/safimalaysia

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