Express your Love with Julie’s Blessing with Orphans and Recalling nostalgia.

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Be blessed during this Ramadan, Julie’s share the love with orphans and returning nostalgia of sending cards to loved ones. Julie’s wish to encourage family bonding and share the love with people of different races and religion.

Hence, Julie’s decided to launch the campaign “What’s Your Love Letter” and encourage people to recall the nostalgia of writing card to be send to their loved ones. Moreover, Julie’s will help them send out these cards to the given addresses. Special dedicated Julie’s mail boxes will be available for the ease of people to send their postcards. The Julie’s postcards will be given free in selected hypermarket or supermarkets.

“Today Julie’s took the steps of encouraging all to foster family bonding and would like to invite all to share the love during this break fast event. Orphans whom are invited as priority guests will be celebrated together with the media and bloggers.

 This campaign also aim to encourage everyone to touch the hearts of their loved ones in reality by writing their feel of affections to families, friends and lovers during this Hari Raya.” said Benny Chia, Marketing Manager of Perfect Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn.Bhd.(Julie’s).

More than 60 orphans from Rumah Anak Yatim Shifa’ and Asrama Darul Falah Perkim are invited to this “breaking fast moment” together with Julie’s and media/bloggers.

He added, “We want to start this campaign to encourage more people to participate, so what’s wrong with us as organizers who wanted to start first by showing our love to the orphans.”
Julie’s share of love is to be nurtured since little. As adults we should be role models to show affection and show concern for the children.

“What’s even more special is not only that sharing blessings with the orphans, but also visiting mosques and distributing postcards in selected hyper and supermarkets. A special dedicated mail box is prepared at the selected hyper or supermarkets for us to help post the cards.” says Benny Chia.

Besides encouraging consumers to show their affection, mail boxes are also being prepared so that we Julie’s can help to mail the cards to your loved ones. The mailing address subjected within Malaysia only. Julie’s targeted 10,000 postcards to be send to their loved ones from our customers.

This campaign will end on 3rd July 2015. For those who are unable to join the campaign, you can send Hari Raya e-postcard only by logging on to our Facebook page at and download exclusive e-postcard of your choice. Let us touch the hearts of our loved ones by writing a love letter today.

So, hurry download the exclusive e-postcard and send them to your love ones. 

Till Then
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