Ramadhan Buffet : De Palma Hotel Shah Alam

3:10 PTG


A great buffet, is the one that can really hits your taste bud.For me, there are only 3 restaurant that might have the glitch on my taste bud and this is the second restaurant. 

De Palma Hotel Buffet located in Shah Alam has and excellent job in making all the food taste great. with the theme of "Sajian Dapur Bonda", really felt that we're gonna eat our mums cook just like home. 

I will not explain to you more further, let the pictures talk. Shall we?? Enjoys. 

Gera Roti John, freshly made there. Hot and spicy 

Rojak counter

Murtabak and roti canai stall. Serves with various sauces. 

you can ask for Char Kuey Tiaw of Mee Goreng. And they will cooked instantly! 

who wants mee rebus, laksa penang and mee kari

Mee Rebus

Mee Kari

Laksa Penang

fish or chicken fillet? for me, I want it both!

Chef in action, preparing tempayaki for us. yum yum!

want some rojak buah? you can go here and ask her to make one and you can choose, which fruits do you want in your rojak. 

who want's nasi ayam Hainan? me!!!

Inside the hall, there are more food to try out. Here i'm standing in front a house that prepares Sajian Timur and Sajian Bonda. Let's try it out. 

Love desserts? They have a lot of them here!

Want some jeruk/ pickle? here's the counter. 

a lot of food serves in the corners. they have it all. Steam rice, ayam rendang, daging kicap, ikan asam pedas, and many more.
Love rendang with ketupat. Here it is. 
two giant gallons of lycee blue syrup for all. 

They have the tazkirah and nashid performance by the local nasyid group.
Love what you see at De Palma Hotel Shah Alam? ooo, you ain't taste the food yet darling. For me, this is the best Ramadhan buffet ever and I love all the elemence, the food the scenery, the tazkirah that they were giving. not just performance, but also to educate people about the beauty of Islam. Not just that, they also provide, Surau, for those who wanted to perform their Maghrib, Isyak and also Terawih after eating Iftar. 

There were so many people inside the hall, nearly all seated were taken and it was about 850 people in that building. Digging all the luxurious food.  Suitable for a company Rmadhan dinner or having Iftar with family and friends.

The price per pax : 
Adults : RM68.00
Children : RM35.00

With a reasonable price, I can guarantee you this is the best choice. Don't be too late guys, because Ramadhan is just once in a year. I don't want you to miss the great food in De Palma Hotel Shah Alam..

And for my lovely readers, I have a surprise for you. 

Enjoy 10% discount if you mention my blog's name during your reservation


So, have fun and enjoy your Iftar and De Palma Hotel guys. 
Visit :De Palma Hotel Shah Alam

and for reservation call : 03-55428080
or email : fnb.dphsa@depalmahotel.com

Until then, 
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3 Orang Positif

  1. These day there are too many shares about best places for iftar... Haha Now i have to "choose" which one i should tried before terawih ... One thing for sure malaysia are trully blessed with foods . Alhamdulillah ... Nice sharing btw ... Teringin nak makan burger hari ni . Haha


    1. memang banyak giler makanan dekat sini dan hari2 hall dia full..
      Makan burger berbuka boleh kenyang ker??

  2. seronok dpt jumpa Naomie .... memang best iftar kat sini... dessert meriah


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