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Hello! As I promise yesterday I will be reviewing some of the products that I've used for a while. I'm so sorry for the delay of reviewing these products because I'm super busy with my final year projects, and my finals exams. fuhhh~
So now, let's get started. I've been using Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set for a month already. Since, last year, I have suffered of hair fall control and never sees any solution on it. Even using some international brand never get this problem solved. What a bummer right. 
But luckily, had given me this set to try and Alhamdulillah my hair fall started to reduce after 3 days using. 
Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set has two products: Shampoo and Conditioner.

The main Ingredient: 

1. Angelica
2. Gingko Leaf
3. Polygonum Multiflorum
4. Medlar
5. Mint

Basically, these active ingredients helps to make our hair and scalp healthier.Gingko leaf and Angelica helps to accelerate the blood circulation. it Expedite the blood vessels, and activate the hair follicle. these actions are great to make our scalp feels fresh and when the scalp is healthy, the hair can grown rapidly without any blockage on the hair scalp.

Besides, Polygonum Multiflorum and Meedlar helps to nurish the hair follicle,to provide amino acid and microelement which are essentials for hair nutritious. last active ingredient is the Mint. this is a good way to sooth the scalps and hair, besides it can relief pressure and give us the relaxing feeling while bathing.

Here are some information regarding the survey that have been made by Bawang Shampoo. These are to distinguish the effect of the hair by using the hair fall control shampoo with conditioner and without conditioner.

 Here is the survey that have been made to compare users that used hair conditioner and without hair conditioner. What did they felt after using conditioner.

 many of them claim that after using Bawang Shampoo with Conditioner made their hair smooth in use and after their hair dry. Not only that, their hair also easy to manage, and it helps to moisturize the hair.
After a month using Bawang Hair Shampoo and Conditioner, I've realized that my hair feels softer, manageable and less hair fall. 
Previously, my hair was kind of frizzy, and also dry at the end of the hair. Did you know whenever you wake up in the morning and your hair just turn into a 'Puntianak' hair? So, that was my hair like. I tend to shampoo my hair during night time, which is bad habit. Because, you have to stay up untillyou can get your hair dry first before sleeping. 
So, there was Shampoo Bawang come to rescue and make my hair well manage and smooth.  wahhh~ such a hero right. Plus, the scent. OMG, I love the smell of the shampoo. it has a fresh smells flowery smell. 
 Overall, I love what it did to my hair and the result really shows on my hair. 
For those who want to buy Bawang Ladies Hair Fall Control Set, the price : RM69.90  RM62.91

Where to buy?
Go to
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Upon your checkout. :)
Till then, 

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  1. ..selamat menanti waktu berbuka :D

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