Festival Ramadan Klang at GM Klang

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Assalamua'alaikum Beautiful! 
GM Klang is a famous place for wholesale center for those who want to buy products or anything for business. For me, this is the one stop center that offers great products with affordable price.During my wedding last year, me and hub went here to shop our goodies gift for our wedding and the price was far more cheap from the other places. 
So, back to my main agenda today, yesterday GM Klang has launched Festival Ramadan Klang. This festival started 26  Jun until 12 Julai 2015from 11 am to 11 pm, it will be operating during this Ramadan month.  This is the place where you to find your cloths, foods, home inventories and many more  for Hari Raya soon. 

The best part are the vendors cam here to sells things for coming raya and also for Iftar. The price were quite reasonable and you can have many items to be chosen. 
There're booth for photos taking
Not only that, this festival has a walk way that's filled with many traditional games such as: Ting Ting, Congkak, Batu Seremban , Carom and "Baling Tin", and there were also Old Bicycles for displayed. 
Ayu played Ting ting
I call this Baling Tin Game
There was a booth for Batik Coloring, for them to try out their own batik. 

YB Dato Lim Seng  Kok the owner of GM Klang also gave Bubur lambok for the visitors here at GM Klang. With the arrivals of Upin and Ipin characters really made the Bubur Lambuk ceremony when so happening and filled with excitements. 
Some of the guests that were also invited for this event was the volunteers from Project Iqra', the children from Project Iqra, students from Maahad Tahfiz Munirah, VVIP from UiTM, Local artists; Altimet, Nasir Wahab, Yantzen, and Norayu Damit. 
With my lecturers, Madam Shimi and Miss Habsah
And I've met my lecturers here too; Miss Habsah and Madam Shimi, This was the first time I went to cover up an event and met my lecturers. They're here for the Project Iqra'.  
Before Iftar, there was an official launching for the Festival Ramadan Klang that was launched by YB Dato Lim Seng Kok with a cutting ballons ceremony.
YB Dato Lim, with all his VVIP guest, and artists
 After the Iftar, there were entertain by locals artist such as Norayu Damit, Nasir Wahab and Altimet. The event finished around 11 pm and although it was already late, there were still many crowd in front of the stage. 
Nasir Wahab
Norayu Damit with her daughter
For all of my readers around Selangor, I encourage you to come here and experienced yourselves the excitements that GM Klang has to offer to you during the Ramadan.
For more info, visit : 
Facebook :GM Klang Fanpage
Instagram : @festivalramadanklang2015
See you'll soon...
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  1. BAGUSS :D teruskan share entry yg baik :)

  2. GM Klang memang tempat bahaya. Kalau pergi situ duit terbang sekelip mata je. huhu



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