Festival Gempita Hulubalang Melayu, Segamt: Malay Silat Performance. [Cover Event]

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Hello readers, I know it’s been a while I hasn’t updated anything, due to my tight schedule and many blogging activities that involve outside of KL. Ayu, me, Bro Framestone and Halim were off to Segamat for an event cover of Festival Gempita Hulubalang Melayu.  

Last Friday, 12th June 2015, one of the Top NGO in Malaysia named Pertubuhan Komuniti Belia 1 Malay had organized Festival Gempita Hulubalang Melayu located at Dataran Segamat, Johor.

This festival involved 500 Silat fighters from twelve Silat School around Segamat, Ledang and Muar. But not only that, there also Silat Organization from outside of Johor too.

Here’s the list of Silat Schools involve in this Festival:
        • Silat Sendeng
        • Silat Gayong
        • Silat Singkalong Helang Putih
        • Silat Cimandi Sunting dan Mega
        • Silat Harimau
        • Silat Cimandi
        • Silat Lok 9
        • Silat Jawa
        • Silat Gayong Kalimah Selatan
        • Silat Berembang Warisan
        • Silat Gerak Lincah

Not only those, some of the big bikers clubs also come to support this festival by convoying all the way from Kuala Lumpur to Segamat ,Johor. The clubs that involved were the Sungai Buloh Bikers Club and Segamat Bikers Club.

There also booth for the local entrepreneur to promote their products during the festival as this is the great time to promote them to the visitors.

Our top actor; Nasi Bilal Khan known in Telemovie : Tanah Kubur and Ruzaidi Abdul Rahman ( Actor & International Silat Fighter) , Azlan Komeng actor in 1 Lawan Satu also came as the inviting local artists and to perform their talent in Silat.
Photo Credit to Halim Brothers
These were the best performance because most of the visitors were waiting for Abang Nasir and Abang Ruhaidi to perform Silat. It was an honoured to watch the powerful performance from them. The performance from Abang Ruhaidi was a jaw drop performance as he was the representative Silat Performance for Malaysia during any international Games.

This Festival was  divided into two session that was the Afternoon session and Evening Session. Here is the tentative for Festival Gempita Hulubalang Melayu (afternoon session):

Started with the convoy form the big bikers all the from Kuala Lumpur to the Dataran.
Next, was the Perarakan Pembarisan form the twelve Silat Club this parade was headed by Nasi Bilal Khan, Ruzaidi Abdul Rahman and all Mahaguru (Masters) Silat from all club.
This parade involved all the silat fighters from the Kindagarten student to adults. It was accompanied by the rhythm of drums and it was about 800 meter walked to the Dataran Segamat.

Before the official event started, the ring was officially launched  by the Silat Fighters from PESAKA Segamat.

Then, the performance from each Silat club sent their best students to perform the Silat inside the ring. It was exiting to see so many types of Silat based on their movements.  I thought that, Silat has only one type that is Silat Gayong. But after saw their performance, this give me an eye opening about Silat.

Here's were some footage that I've recorded during the Silat performance:

Silat Melayu or also known as Malay Silat is one of Malay Martial Arts. It was originally to use to fight or defend themselves from any danger or if they involve in fighting session.  

Thus, not only men can learn Silat but women also were given the chance to learn Silat from the Master as this can be the best self defence that can be used to protect themselves.

The afternoon session ends after all performance by the representative from each Silat School ended their performance at 5 pm and will be continued to evening session that started at 8.45 pm. 

The evening session will be updated soon.

Stay tune folks.  
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