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Hello peeps, Ramadhan will be 3 days from now and I know many of us have already plans what to wear during Raya soon. Right? Not just me, everyone excited about getting ready for Raya. Especially for the ladies. 

 Last Saturday, Jakel had launched "Promosi Gempak Raya Bersama Jakel 2015" that introduce a new ambassador for their new collections, that are Upin and Ipin, Nabil Ahmad and Rozita Che Wan. 

This year Jakel had introduced Baju Melayu Upin and Ipin for children. For Upin and Ipin fan, you can get this Limited Edition Baju Melayu Upin and Ipin with many choices of colors and comfortable material that suits for children. 

With the reasonable price and 30 colors to be offered, there's no reasons you not to choose Baju Melayu Upin and Ipin for your boys. 
The price range : 

The best part is, the button and the embroidery on the Baju Melayu itself show the character of Upin Ipin. People can easily recognize the your son is wearing Baju Melayu Upin and Ipin.

Not just that, there's also collection of Baju Melayu and Jubah Nabil Ahmad for men. This range is for typical size of men with  but for those who's have muscles can choose Aaron Aziz collections. There are differences between these two collection; the fabric and colors, 

The price for Baju Melayu Nabil Ahmad is RM300, but you can get great deal during the Happy Hour for just RM150 with the complete set Button and Kain Sampin. What a great deal right!

Besides, the colors that they offer for this collection are much more vibrant than before. For me, this collection is suitable for regular size men, like my husband. I'm planning to get him one soon. :)

For women, I'm sure you'll like the collection form Che Ta with the Ariani Hijab also from Che Ta collection. In this collection, it is more for Baju Kurung Modern with the beautiful detailing and combination pastel color can bring up the inner beauty. 

There are different design for Che Ta collection, You can see it here: 

Besides the full bedding on the hand with Swarovski crystal and lace made the Baju Kurung stand's out form the other. :)

The detailing: lace and Swarrovski stones.
Not the forget the Hijab from Ariani. For this coming raya, they have introduced several ranges for hijab. In Che Ta collections, the hijab is more simple and easy to wear, plus the material that they used are the most comfortable material.

These Hijab are from Che Ta's collection.

The material is soft and it has double effect. Price; RM40.00!

This was worn by Che Ta during the launched. They have the beeding around the shawl and come with the brooch too~!
For those who haven't look for your Baju raya yet, I recommend that you go to the nearest Jakel outlet to find one and also you can meet your favorite artist during their roadshow too:

13.6.2015 - Jakel Mall KL (Upin Ipin dan Nabil)
19.6.2015 - Jakel Kubang Kerian (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad)
20.6.2015 - Jakel Mall KL (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara, Che Ta/Zain and Nabil Ahmad)
21.6.2015 - Jakel JB (Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad)
27.6.2015 - Jakel Shah Alam (Aaron Aziz, Upin Ipin, Raykal, Mia Sara and Nabil Ahmad)

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