5 Healthy things that you should take during Ramadhan.

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Assalamua'alaikum ladies. 
To all my Muslim readers, Happy fasting in Ramadhan. I know everyone were excited for this holy month to come. And during this month is the moment to test our patients in everything. Not just stand the temptation to eat, but also to test our inner soul. Are we the "Devil" ourselves or what right. As in Ramadhan month, all the Syaitan and Devils were kept out from the human and we have the free un-disturb month to perform our deeds. 
Okeyh! let's not continue about my Tazkirah for today. What i'm going to share with you is about the healthy food that you need to take during this Ramadhan. 
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1. Plain Water 
At least during Sahur, the intake of Plain Water that one should take is 2 glass. I know Sahur is the toughest meal during Ramadhan that people tends to neglect. During this  time, there's many benefits and reward that Allah gave to us. 
For Iftar, make sure to consume at least 4  more plain water to maintain dehydrated
2. Carb
For carbohydrates, Malaysiaon tends to eat rice or Maggie mee for Sahur. You can also replace rice / noodles for carb, you can also get it from oat, nestum, or even spaghetti. 
3. Protein
For most people, during Ramadhan you can easily find any Ikan Bakar at the Bazaar. Fish is one of the source of protein. Besides that, for me, I rather consume Protein tablet after iftar. :P
4. Fiber
Not to forget your veges ladies. and fruits. you can even eat some ulam-ulaman. My favorites are Selom and Pegaga. With Sambal Belacan sauce! OMG just counldn't resist it. 
5. Sugar
At least consume fruits that contain high natural sugar content. Besides, a mug of slurppy wont bite right! hahahah. :P
So ladies, I hope these can helps you in your daily routine in Ramadhan. 
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One beneficiary = RM200.00
there are 600 beneficiaries to be sponsored and now, the remaining recipient to be sponsored are 306 people. For those who wanted to "Gave" during this holy month, This is the time and the place. I hope we can make this campaign successful and make the kids happy as much as us during Raya soon. 
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Till then ,
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