Tutorial : How to purchase Skinnymint Online?

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Hello peeps! Today, I'm gonna show you how to order SkinnyMint online. Because I know some of my readers have interest in buying Skinnymint but they have difficulties in purchasing it by their own. 
So here is a tutorial for Purchasing Skinnymint online. 

1.Go to www.skinnymint.com.

2. Click on the "Shop" tab and choose which product would you like to purchase.

3. Click on the product that you want to buy. Like me, I want to buy a 28 day Ultimate Teatox program. click on "add to cart" button and don't forget to click on the Quantity.
4. Then, they will direct you to the shopping cart. If you have anything to add to, go back to the shop page. If not, click on "secure checkout".

5. If you sign up the become one of the Skinnymint member, just log in into your account. If not, you may buy this as a guest.
6. Next, fill in your address details and the payment method. You may choose to pay via, credit or debit card. or Via Paypal. For me, Direct debit is the easiest way. You can key in your Maybank card number and the CV number is the three number that is place at the back of your card. 

7. Finish filling the details, click on the order now. So they can directly updated your order. Make sure to check your email, because they will immediately send you an email to confirm your order.

Here's link to the Skinnymint Website.

If you need help, go chat with Jenny or Michele. She will be there to help you. :)
and for those who is interest to buy 28 days Ultimate Teatox Program, I have one stock left. PM me at facebook if you're interested. 

Thanks for reading,

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