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Hello beloved readers. I want to ask you some questions.

When was the first time you've went to cinema?
What is your snack while watching a movie in cinema?

For me, the first time I went to cinema was during my primary school, when I was 7 years old with my parents and my lil sister. I remembered the time when we have to que in a long line, waiting for that Number 5  to lighten up. And that was the first time. I didn't remembered the movie that we watched, but I think it was Tarzan.

And during the entire movie, my sister and I were like monsters. Eating popcorn for non-stop. During that time the popcorn was in a big bowl and it was filled with caramel Popcorn! hehehe. How I miss the old times.. 

Oh, yah! back to my main story for today, I want to introduce to you the new innovation of Perfecto Popcorn by Perfecto Snack. As I was saying popcorn is a classic snack loved by all, especially moviegoers. Nothing completes the perfect cinema experience like fully coated popcorn. The market is seeing a rapid expansion of movies, which in turn, has led to the rise of popcorn consumption, as it is commonly associated with the silver screen. To fulfill the perfect movie experience, PERFECTÒ is introducing yet another delight that caters to perfection – PERFECTÒ Popcorn, fully coated on every piece. The 3 classic flavours, Ultimate Caramel, Chocolate in Love, and French Vanilla cater to every palate. 

Mamee Double - Decker is currently in possession of more than 36% volume share in Malaysia’s snack market, to which PERFECTÒ Popcorn is now proudly part of the company’s offerings.

What came in as the highlight of the event is an enactment of a thriller movie that stirred the excitement of those who were present. The PERFECTÒ Popcorn launch lavished us with a luxury movie experience as they indulged on PERFECTÒ Popcorn whilst enjoying a special screening of “SPY”. This movie is a must for those who wanted laughter and enjoyable movie night.

Altogether, PERFECTÒ Popcorn is the ultimate snack that gives its consumers the best movie experience. The popcorn promises gourmet flavors because each piece is 100% coated. Furthermore, the packaging carries a classy movie-look, bringing you closer to the perfect movie experience.
PERFECTÒ Popcorn is an affordable luxury snack that is now available nationwide at the retail price of RM4.50 for the small pouch (85g) and RM7.50 for the big pouch (160g). 

And not to forget, there were some appearance of local artist during this event, I've met Kak Maria Tengku Sabri, Julia Zingler, Man Raja Lawak, Illa Damia, Noh, Kamal Adli, Tasha Shiela, Amber Chia and many others.

I didn't get the chance to snap a picture with My Marry Me Man. huahahah,
Luckily my babe sempat. Thanks Ayu..
 Oh, I almost forgot, Kak Maria Elena was in the house too guys... Finally! I met her FTF. Nice to meet you Kak Maria, malu nak borak lelama. huhuhu. Nanti InsyaAllah jumpa lagi..
The picture of the day! heheh, you can see somebody's eyes was peaking behind us.. hahaha.
So, guys. If you wanna taste the Perfecto Popcorn while watching movies alone this is the ultimate choice. I guarentee you'll satisfy with the taste and the crunchiness of the popcorn. My favourite was the Choclate. If you've already taste it, share with me which one is your favourite. 

For more information, visit PERFECTÒ’s official Facebook page at

Till then guys, 
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