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Give your daily beauty regimen a power boost with a one-a-day dietary supplement containing Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids, one of nature’s most effective whitening ingredients.
Rebranded locally as Crystal Tomato® Plus, the product is a result of a decade of research and development. The supplement is made from Natural and Pure freeze-dried Crystal Tomato® Powder, free of preservatives. Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids are the first molecules produced in the sequence process in the tomato plant to create carotenoids, which primarily function as anti-oxidants.

Unlike orange or red carotenoids, which change the colour of the skin to a tan or orange shade when consumed in large amounts, Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids do not contain any visible colour and will not affect the colour of the skin. When consumed, Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids preferentially attach to the skin where they are the only carotenoids to protect the skin in the following ways:

CRYSTAL TOMATO® Carotenoids can block triggers of melanin synthesis
  • Serve as natural sunscreen against UVA/B to protect against UV damage, photo-oxidation and sunburn
  • Act as anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors
  • Have anti-inflammatory properties against wounds and UV damage
  • Inhibit melanin synthesis to prevent pigmentation spots from forming
  • Reduce the melanin present in the cells including dark acne scars, freckles, dark underarms and age spots
CRYSTAL TOMATO® Carotenoids can inhibit melanin synthesis
L-Cysteine, an amino acid, is also included in the supplement to increase the efficacy of Crystal Tomato® Plus. This is one of the few amino acids that are able to bond in a special way to maintain the structure of proteins in the body and help in the formation of collagen, hence promoting healthy skin. L-Cysteine also helps to boost the liver’s production of Gluthatione, commonly referred to as the body’s master anti-oxidant. Without Gluthatione, cells will die at a faster rate, leading to quicker ageing.

 Gluthatione also has the ability to lighten dark skin and pigmentation, by altering the melanocytes’ metabolic processes to produce light pink melanin instead of dark or black melanin.
Although Gluthatione is commonly found in oral supplements, it is not absorbed when taken orally and has no effect on the skin. By including L-Cysteine, a natural precursor of Glutathione in Crystal Tomato® Plus, the natural mechanisms in the body are activated to produce its own Glutathione to improve the appearance of the skin.

In a controlled clinical study in France, the following results were reported:

  • After taking Crystal Tomato® carotenoids, 65% of the volunteers had their natural skin SPF increased by 20% after 12 weeks;
  • Skin was also improved in term of dryness, roughness, suppleness, tone evenness and texture in 50 to 100% of the subjects
In a second controlled clinical study in Thailand:
  • A significant lightening effect (L value and ITA°) in up to 85% of the panelists after 2 and 3 months;
  • Improvement of the skin quality

Crystal Tomato® Plus Profile
  • Each Crystal Tomato® Plus caplet contains 800mg Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids, the equivalent to eating 3 fresh Crystal Tomatoes a day
  • L-Cysteine, an amino acid present in our body, is included in Crystal Tomato® Supplement to enhance the efficacies of Crystal Tomato® Carotenoids.
  • L-Cysteine (amino acids present in our body) is a US FDA approved food addictive.
  • Certified HALAL by IFANCA (Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America).
  • Crystal Tomato® Plus is manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) & TGA certified laboratory in the United States of America.
  • Additional precautionary measures to ensure that Crystal Tomato® Plus caplets are 100% safe for human consumption, the founder, Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte Ltd, Singapore conducts regular checks and analyses via SGS Singapore against microbial and heavy metal contaminations.
  • Packaging: 10 caplets per blister, 3 blisters per box (30 caplets for 1 month supply).
  • Each Crystal Tomato® Plus caplet is individually protected in double layered foil blister to ensure Freshness of each caplet until consumed.

General Information
Crystal Tomato® Plus and Crystal Clear™ Skin Clarity Cream are used not only by man-on-the street but also loved by Royalties, renowned celebrities, wives of famous politicians, queens and princesses.
Crystal Tomato Plus® is now available at aesthetic medical clinics at RM480 for a box of 30 caplets.
NOTICE: Rebranding of Crystal Tomato® in Malaysia.
Crystal Tomato® dietary supplement is a registered trademark of Gromark Consumers Enterprise Pte. Ltd,
Singapore for worldwide distributions. Due to registration requirement by National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Heath Malaysia, NPCB has imposed mandatory conditions that Vennbio Nutriceutical Sdn Bhd must comply :
  1. The brand name is required to be changed from Crystal Tomato® to Crystal Tomato® Plus.
  2. A hologram sticker issued by KKM for security, authentication and protection against counterfeit.
  3. A sticker with the product registration number “MAL14125030NC” to be present on the packaging.
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