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Hello readers, I know some of you have already asked me about the food review for the Bites Cafe. Because I have already posted those pictures in my Instagram and Facebook since last week. So today I’m going to write up my review on those delicious food by The Bites Cafe. Thanks to The FoodInk for inviting me and my friends for this food review session. I’m so lucky to become one of the FoodInk member and become a FoodInker can really helps me to make more food review in the future.

So let’s get started. First the location of The Bites:
Address: 72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields Sg Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur. For those who have difficulties to find this restaurant, you can just use Waze and search for The Bites Cafe and it will bring you direct to the restaurant.

What is The Bites Cafe served?
It serves you all day Breakfast meal.

Let’s start the food review:

1. Potato Salad: RM9.90

This is highly recommended because for those who loved salad, this is one of the most creamy and delicious salad that I ever had. The Potato are soft and easy to bites and the mayonise that they use are special mayo which have the sweet and creamy taste. I love it~!

2. Breakfast Pizza: RM14.90

Have you ever had a Pizza for your breakfast? That also have fried egg on top of it? If not, you can try this one too. The topping is rich with Beef Bacon, Baby Spinach, Mushroom and not to forget Cheese. Because of it is serve for breakfast meal, an egg is a compulsory yah.

3. The French: RM15.90
This is a French toast with chicken ham, melted cheese inside it, maple syrup and topped with sunny side up. Add some salad and tomato too. Now you can feel like you’re in French while enjoying your French toast.

4. Egg Benedict : RM17.90
Serve with smoked Salmon, Sauteed Spinach, Hallandaise sauce, toast, and also salad. For me, I did not favor the meal so much because the smoked salmon have a weird taste.

5. The Italian : RM14.90
As you can see, it is just like a big giant Omelette right. But not just an ordinary omelette, it has the turkey ham, onions, spinach, and cherry tomato. This is also called frittata. One of my favourite meal for the day.

6. The Mexican: RM12.90

Serve with tortillia, chicken sausage,egg, mushroom, and added with cheese, really make this Mexican meal a wow factor. On top of the tortillia are the tomoto paste to add a bit of sourness to the meal.

7. Club Sandwich Waffle: RM12.90
The waffles are clip together with beef bacon, egg, cheese, tartare sauce and salad. I bet one of is already a full mouth for one is serves with French fries too.

8.Grilled Chicken & Waffle Sandwich. RM15.90

A full plate of tummylicouz food, Served with Grilled chicken, Fries, Waffle Sahwich, Egg and also some salad to add some fiber. Well balance meal to start your day. 

9. Beef Bacon & Shrimp Pasta RM18.90

Pasta lover must try this meal, full with delicious beef bacon and also shrimp that are fried perfectly with the pasta. Add with garlic bread too.

10.Grilled Salmon Fillet On Crispy Potato Cake RM32.90

The salmon is perfectly grilled and below it are Mushroom soup that has it's own unique taste. 

11. Dessert Waffle topped with Gula Melaka Ice Cream RM19.90

A perfect dessert to end up your breakfast. I know, some of you may not take dessert in the morning, but, for those who take breakfast in the afternoon, you must take this Dessert Waffle as a closure to your meal. The Gula Melaka Ice Cream is perfect!

For the drinks, I've ordered several drinks that were the signature drinks in The Bites Menu:
Honeydew, Carrot and Lemon in one Juice RM8.90
Mocha Coffee with Lion Face on it. RM10.90
The Interior design in the Bites are simple and felt like home. I love the way they place one corner for the customer to sit down and rilex while having their newspaper on and sip up coffee. 

Overall review:

I would really recommend The Bites Cafe for those who wanted to tasted the Western liked meal for your breakfast. Plus, it served all day breakfast meal for the customer. So customers can choose many different breakfast meal and it fits for all ages.

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  1. boleh cuba ni. price ok makanan pun nampak sedap. boleh jadi tempat lepak maybe

    1. makanan memang sedap dekat sini, dan bagi yang susah nak bangun pagi dan nak dapatkan breakfast, Bites cafe adalah pilihan yang tepat! :)


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