Duke Highway Crash

7:51 PTG



Here in Malaysia, we were shocked with the accident that happened to a family on Duke Highway that involved 6 racing Myvi with a Pajero that was drove by victim in the past 2 days. 

The incident occurs during the Public Holiday in Malaysia that was Wesak Day. Due to the long holiday, many people took this opportunity to when back to hometown and what's left was the lonely highway. Because of it, some irresponsible drivers took this chances to drive like crazy people, drove with high speed without thinking about anyone else. There were six MyVi involved in the racing, and at the corner of the highway, one of the MyVi was over took the lane and it bumped the back of the Pajero. thus, making the Pajero spinoff 4 times and all the passengers were dropout from the car, causing them immediate death. The victims were a husband and wife, with 6 months baby. 

This was the most tragic accident that i've heard recently, and because of someone else fault, other innocent people become the victims. 

For Malaysian Drivers, be a tolerate, responsible driver. Remember there are people waiting for your comeback at home. 

Till then, 

Much love

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