Sukelettew Candy Mini Launch at Taman Tasik Perdana

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Hello my lovely readers, last week on the 19th April, Hai Blogger member and me were invited for a Gathering at Taman Tasik Perdana taht is located in Kuala Lumpur for the Mini Launching for Sukelettew Candy. About 10 for bloggers were invited during the ceremony and we have really a great time as this is the first out door gathering for us. 

About Sukelettew Candy:

Candy Sukelettew is an original idea by Lokman Nana with her school friend Nita Rashid. Desire and passion in producing candy buffet makes them both share very little capital to start this business trip. Established on a small scale through Instagram consequences of September last year, their efforts paid off when the existing Instagram followers who are willing to give credence to hold a ceremony for his eldest son,Aqiqah.

However, because of high commitment in working full time make them less concentrate  on their business Sukelettew Candy. Finally, take a consensus to further expand the reach Candy Sukelettew member contributions and ideas to be more forward. Thus, Fana, who is a blogger invited to join the team Sukelettew Candy for managing the social media and marketing. Without the power of men, certainly not a team to be strong chose Zakuan as one team makes full team Sukelettew Candy. 

Mission and Objectives :
Candy Sukelettew  mission’s  is to help customers who wanted to make a surprise for their loved ones with a minimal budget .They  let the decision entirely by the customer  in terms of the price to the customer in accordance with the budget they need. Their mission is to provide  cheap  services but customers are satisfied with loved ones They are not only targeting customers from among those working and capable, but they also give space and opportunity for the people who are still in collage or schools to capture memorable moments with friends and loved ones with minimal budget.

About Member Sukelettew.
All members Sukelettew Candy are friends since primary school and remained close until now . Each has strong relations of friendship , co- downs and always accommodating in discussions .

Zakuan, Nana, Nita, Fana
  • Nana Lokman is a full-time teacher for subjects like English , Mathematics and English Language Enrichment Programme Playground located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor .
  • Nita Rashid is a Software Developer at Synergy Centric Sdn . Bhd as well . Holds a Bachelor of Computer Science at UiTM Shah Alam .
  • Fana is also a blogger and part-time work as a closed time Logistics Executive at BDP International Sdn . Bhd . Has a Bachelor of Administration 's Office of Technology .
  • Zakuan is a Technical Assistant in one of the private companies in Batu 3 , Shah Alam .

Providing consulting services for an event
- Surprise Delivery Service
- Birthday Party
- Baby Shower
- Candy Buffet
- Goodies
- Rental Property for photoshoot @ any event

Apart from that, there also have displayed some creative begs that were drawn by Jane Melati one of local artist. The special about the begs are, it is drawn on a high quality beg and each drawing has one drawing only. 
Visit her IG: @JaneMelati for exquisite design begs
For more information:
 Instagram : @Sukelettew Candy

For reservations :
01112848665 ( Nana Lokman )
0174342950 ( Fana )

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