Review: My Favourite Makeup Brushes and Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set Black and White

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Hello Ladies, today I'm going to introduce to you my current favourite makeup brush, for daily use. Especially, whenever I want to make the flawless look and create a bold eyeshadow. 

First is this Stipping Brush that I got from Victoria Jackson. 

What I love about this brush is that I apply smoothly the foundation, as it has this tiny brushes that can easily sneak on the corners of my face, such as nose and other parts. Besides, the flat top surface made it the great choice for applying foundation and concelear. 

Next are the Brush from Natta Cosme. The Cerro Qreen Brush set. 

In these brush set, it has all the brushes that you need to complete your makeup. From powder brush, foundation brush, shading, eyeshadows, angled brush, eyebrow, lips and concelear.
From left: Powder brush & blusher, Angled brush for shading, Foundation brush, eyeshadw brushes, Flap brush, smudging brush, Eye brow Brush, and Lips & concelear brush

1. Powder Brush         brush length 18cm   bristles length 4.6cm
Comfortable and soft bristles that could capture the foundation powder even more easily.
2. Blush Brush     brush length 16cm   bristles length 3.4cm
Made with natural goat's hair, enhanced comfortableness and great ability in holding powder.
3. Foundation Brush     brush length 15.7cm   bristles length 2.9cm
The brush does not absorb water and oil,making it easier to spread the foundation more evenly.
4. Fan Brush     brush length 16.8cm   bristles length 3.3cm
Conveniently cleans away excess powder for a better makeup.
5. Eye Shadow Brush   (Large )brush length 15cm   bristles length 1.2cm
Eye Shadow Brush      (Small )brush length 14.5cm   bristles length 0.9cm
Soft and comfortable, gently put on your make up without hurting the weaker skin around the eyes.
6. Eyebrow Brush      brush length 13.5cm   bristles length 0.6cm
Perfect hardness yet it does not damage your skin, can be paired with liquid eyeliner to give you the meticulous eyeline ever.
7. Modifying Pen      brush length 13.5cm   bristles length 0.6cm
Best match with eye shadow brush to put on the perfect eyes make up
8. Eyelash Brush     brush length 15.5cm   bristles length 2.6cm
Specially designed for your neat eyelash
9. lip brush     brush length 9.5cm   bristles length 1cm
Full of elasticify, can absorb tiny powder to make your lips shine.
10. Cosmetic Case  

The hair that were used in these brushes are Goat Hair, which make is smoother and withstand while applying makeup. In this set, it used wooden handle and it fits perfectly onto your hand. I love the colour Black and White, because for professional makeup artist, we need to be more realistic when it comes into picking colors for makeup tools. So MUA out there, this can be your choice for 10ps makeup brushes. 

The brushes are pack in this cosmetic case, with black and white rectangular design. This case will secure all the makeup brushes to it's own place. No more worries about the misplace of your makeup brushes. 
Here I've made a makeup look by using the Cerro Qreen makeup brush. You can tell right, the finish look are flawless and look smooth. 

Therefore, this brush is highly recommended to all makeup enthusiasm as I guarantee you will not regret on buying this. 


Where to buy this Cerro Qreen?

You can buy this at Natta Cosme Website:

Here is the link to purchase : Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush 
Visit their Facebook too for more promotions. 
Till then, 
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