Nivea Triple Challenge Finale

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Assalamua’alaikum wbt and hello to all my beloved readers.

Last week, I was invited to attend the Nivea Men Triple Shield Challenge that was held at Sunway Pyramid  Blue Concourse. For your information Nivea Men has embarked on its Cool Kick – Triple Shield Campaign. This campaign was designed to pun the everyday man to the test be it digital or an on the ground battle which ran from last January to April 2015. The 2015 finale of the challange is here now where 2 of the best teams will exhibit their skills defending against the triple treats of sweat, bacteria and body odor.

This extreme game embodies traits of modern Nivea Men and is designed to meet every man’s needs, which is a avenue to shout their confidence through a fun, thrilling games and Nivea Man has decided to make it as an annual campaign. So for those who did not won this year, you’oll s can enter again next year.

Mr. Ng Hock Guan , the CountryManager of Beiersdroft Malaysia and Singapore said “ The Triple Shield Game was designed not only for fun but also to highlight 3 common threats that most of men dwell with and that affect their confidence in real life. The game requires 2 teams with members of to attack using 3 balls which represent the triples treats; swear, bacteria and body odor. The triple shield which is given to each team acts as a form of defence. At the end of the game, the team that manages to defends themselves the most from the 3 treats will win the game”.

The on-ground battle received registration of 217 teams from various colleges through a series of roadshows from 10th March till 9th April. The finale battle took place at Sunway Pyramid Blue Concourse where the total prizes to be won worth RM50 000. A total of 64 teams battles through the elimination round on the 11th April where top 32 teams advanced to the semi-final which took place on the 12th April. The top 16 teams from the semi-final round then battled to be the top 8 whom qualified for the Grand Finale battle to grab the top 3 prizes.

The Grand Prize of the Triple Shield Challange was RM 10 000 in cash while the second ans the third was RM 5,000 and RM3, 000 respectively. All of them also waled away with RM300 worth of Nivea products.

During the grand finale event, 12 lucky media members were also given the opportunity to try the Triple Challange Game through a friendly match. I was one of the 12 luckiest media member and get to try out the Triple Challange Game. I was so nervous during the game as this will be my first time to play “Bola Beracun” kinda game in Public. My team consist to me, Syafiera and Alang (one of the Photog for the event) and we were against 3M team. One of the teammates was Man Raja Lawak. Sporting and funny guy!

All of us received an exclusive 1 day pilot experience to fly around KL city and the winning team that was 3M walked away with Nivea Hamper worth RM300 and NIKE voucher worth RM100.

P/S: For those who wanted to try out Nivea Triple Challenge game, you can go to Nivea Facebook for more updates about the next challenge and I hope to meet you guys soon. And you can get all there Nivea Products at the local store available around Malaysia.

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  1. love to recommend this to my fiancee.. he is gonna love this.. dia nivea fan.. hehehe

    1. yup2, Nivea ni ada suatu bau yang kuat. sesuai utk halang bau badan.. my hubby pun pakai ni.

  2. Dulu akak mmg suka la ni mcm dh x berapa suka....tgok plak promosi ni mcm best je


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