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And hello! Today, my entry  will be focusing on a website that give pleasure to SHOPAHOLIC!! like myself. I love shopping so much, and when it's come to online shopping, I tend to open many websites to find the BEST deal with GREAT price. 
For those who don't know the great thing about online shopping? Let me list down four benefits about online shopping:
  • Less hassle
  • Save petrol
  • No need to get off from your comfortable bed! (my style)
  • Many choices, and MORE DISCOUNT!!

Of course we want to get things that is cheap and have more DISCOUNTS right! so, I've discovered this websites that help me so much in shopping. It's called 
"iPrice, Your One Stop Shopping Destination"

What's so special about iPrice shop?
iPrice features many shops with discounted price and coupons. 
 It has hundreds or even thousand of great deal from different brand and different retailer's website. In this platform, it consist of many different types of products or items that you want to buy. Which you can  just do it in a click!


Example: Household, clothing, shoes, makeup, Jewelry, Sports and outdoor, and etc, form trusted retailers such as Zalora, Lazada,  Reebonz, Style Tribute, and many more!!

From these category, they consist of different brands so that it is easier for you to choose, which brand have the deal/discount/offer. For example, air conditioner.
 From the picture's above, we can see clearly, there are more than 2 choices of air-cond to be choose. But if you browse more further below, you will see there are much more deal than this 4 choices. 
Isn't that great? 
Besides, If you can also sort the items based on the price, brands, types and even color.
For example the range price, you can do it buy adjusting the price range at the left. So, let me show you. 

From here, we can sorts tops from RM10 to RM160 price. Each have different brands and different shops. You can choose from Nichii, Playboy Bunny, Zalora and many more. 
Just click on the "CATEGORIES" and pick up what you want to find here. Less hassle and save time!

A part from that, iprice also have iPrice coupon where you can know the ongoing promotion that's happening from their partner's online shop, for example now Zalora is having 70% discounts at their websites. You can easily click on to the "Get Coupon Code" and you will be directed to Zalora's website for more promotion. 

Besides that, you can also click on "Get This Offer" to find what offers that the retailer's have to offer you. iPrice coupon websites is always up-to-date and they gives us the active prmotions. Plus, they will state the expired coupon for the customer's info. So you will know which retailer's have ended their coupon's or offers. 

For instant, now I really need to by a new handbag. So here, I can choose a tons of handbags, from tote bag, shoulder bag, clutch, sling and many more. 

Here, I have sort up the bag that I am interested to buy, I want to buy the Zalora Bag at the price range of RM30-RM100, these came up into my lappy window. Great right. 

Next is to click up my favorite bag, then it will direct me to Zalora's website to purchase. Easy peasy yah!

Besides handbag, iprice also offers items for men. Such as men's clothing, shoes, food supplements, personal pleasure and many more. I'm planning to buy my hubby trimming scissors/twizeerman for his nose.
What I did is just type on the search box on the top and only in 3 second all types of scissors and twizeerman to choose from.


Then, just pick which one that I would really like to buy, and it will direct me to STRAWBERRY website. You see that Anthony Twizeer box there I can choose either to buy it at Lazada at RM111 or to buy it at STRAWBERRY at RM109.99. 
Same twizeer but different price. 

Plus, iprice also have Air Flight tickets  and hotel offers. If you wish to  fly inside or outside Malaysia, you should definitely go iprice to find which flight have the promos and you can also choose which hotel to stay during your holiday. 

Be a SMART Shopper and Shop wisely. You have the right to choose~

I hope this entry can help you in online shopping and to those "FIRST TIMER" in online shopping, you must head to iprice.my to find exclusive deals and offers.

Official Website : http://iprice.my/shop/

Good Luck and Have fun~!

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