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Hello my lovely readers, I am happy today because some my friends that have tried Infinitree 1, and they were fully satisfied with the results shown within a week. 

First, I asked my friends to meet Aunt Alia, The Founder of Infinitree1. During the meeting, Aunt Alia had given us so many tips and advises regarding to women's health. How to maintain healthy, slim, fits and beautiful within and out. 

Some of you might thing Aunt Alia will be promoting Infinitree1, but that is not all. She also taught us, how to use the natural remedy for our body. For instance, whenever her child were having a fever, the first thing she did was to get the Tamarind (Asam Jawa in Malay), take a few of in, and put it in a warm water. Because we want to get the Tamarind juice. After that, grab a small towel and soak it in the tamarind juice and place the wet towel on the forehead, and underarm. The fever will reduced the temperature in no time. 

Besides that, she also talks about us the benefits in Manjakani or Oak Gall Nuts to women. From the research that have been discovered, the Oak Gull Nuts have the potential to slow down the growth of Cancer and to avoid the spread of cancer to the women's body. The main cancer that attacks women nowadays are the cervical and ovarian cancer lines. The Oak Gall Nuts can be the anticancer agent which help to kill the growth of cancer cell, besides Oak galls aqueous extract was reported to have high potential in skin whitening and antioxidant (Hasmah A, et all, 2010).  

Besides that, Manjakani also helps to tightening women's skin, especially for those who have already given birth. They tend to have saggy skin and looks old after given birth due to lack or nutrients inside the body. Therefore, here's your solution to have you're thigh skin back and also to increase you sex drive in the future. (I know because I've tested it by myself)

Aliza Sara was one of the consumer's for Infinitree1, she said the first three days she consumed Infinitree1 , her acne instantly dry (which it doesn't happen regularly). Here are my conversation with Sara after 3 days consuming Infinitree1:

And a week later, I asked about her progress , and what did she replied will make all of you surprise.

Her face starts to glow, glow in terms of smooth and shine even without makeup. Right!

Same with my own results. My face slowly glows and shine, plus smooth. The acne and pimples are instantly dry and the dark spots are slowly fading. Plus my stretch mark on my lower tummy and my waist have slowly turn into white color,(which is good). It helps to reduce the stretch mark and also saggy skin.

This picture was taken yesterday during my experiment time. So here you can see my skin texture had improved and also no more dark spots ya!
while experimenting, let's take a selfie.
For those who are interested to buy Infinitree1, you can email me at : with a title: I want Infinitree1. or PM me at my facebook : NaomieLicouz


30capsule: RM98.00
60 capsule: RM185.00

Postage: RM10.00

That's all from me, Adiyoss amigos.

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  1. dear nice bloggg nk tempah blog design jemput dtang blog kiteee

    1. OK Shedaa. nanti kalau kita dah jemu , kite panggil awak k..

  2. Produk ni baru lagi ke nomi? sebab macam first time dengar. hehe

    1. haah, produk baru. tapi tak de la baru sangat pun. Jom ar try.. :)

  3. sukanya beli beauty products.. mekap pun best gak.. sy pn ngah strive to kurus.. hehewew

    1. @nurmujahudah, memang best bila dapat beli.. nak kurus pun kene exercise dah. tak leh nak kurus guna pill jer. hewhew..

  4. Wah2...pi review sekali jd wakil jualan...nanti akak dh abih segala mak nenek product boleh contact numi kan...


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