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Assalamua'alaikum and hello everyone.

Today I'm stuck here at The Lab Food located at my Engineering Lab. I have to finish all my experiment within these two days. Because next week, it's gonna be the Mid term holiday~ Yippie.. 

Hubby and me already got so much plan to do during the holiday and me myself have a tons of products review to write up and also our first ever Hai Blogger photoshoot! Yihaaaw~~~!!!

As you all know, I am one of the Hai Blogger member since last year. The first time I met Halim Nadzeri (the founder of HB) was during the Food review on Pak John Steamboat and Bbq. I think that was last year, on December of 2014.

From my observation, Halim is a kind and gentlemen young man. He speaks when in need and very humble kind of person. His characteristic makes me wanna be part of HB member. So, now for the first time ever, HB will organize a Photoshoot for their members so that we can put it up the pictures on our blog and make it as DP or even portfolio. 

For this event to success, we must have at least sponsors for the member:

Sponsors may include:

The photoshooting will be held on 26th April 2015. At least around 20 of us will take part in this photoshooting and  I hope that some of you guys want to become our main sponsor for the event.

What benefits when you become our sponsor?
Our powerful bloggers will be promoting your brand in their website without any payment. Thus increase your branding name too! 

So hurry up guys. Contact me directly for more info. 

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