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Assalamua’alaikum and hello everyone.
Today I’m back with another food review, but this time is at Tony Roma’s: RIB.SEAFOOD.STEAKS

A bit story about Tony Roma's , the first outlet opened in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall in October 2006, TR has never failed to tantize locals with its extensive menu. The exquisite taste of its food, especially its signature steaks and ribs are undeniably good, that no other similar operators of its kind in the region have offered such high quality food that comes with great services, making it the most talked about restaurant in town for its great dining experience.

At TR's they take the pride in the freshest greens, herbs, fruits,vegetables, meats and seafood for our salad and entrees. It's part of tradition that includes making dozens of items from scratch every day. But the quality doesn't stop there. The innovative cooking techniques and attention to service help them to deliver individually crafted dishes and memorable meals: Tony Roma's captures the flavor of the fine dining at affordable prices. 

For this time around, Tony Roma’s is celebrating the new fresh flavours, the globally recognized full service, casual dining restaurant for premier ribs, seafood and steaks, is introducing its new “Farmer’ s Market” Promotion from 13th April 2015 to 31st May 2015.
During this promotion , Tony Roma’s is creating the quintessential farmer’s market experience  the enjoy a range dishes from seasonal foods and produce, bringing a refreshing twist to our plates.

Let’s begin with the entry dish:
1. BBQ SHRIMP TACOS:  In this dish, the tacos is filled with cucumber, pineapple, ,salsa and shrimp. It is dressed with the sweet black pepper BBQ sauce. For me, sauce has a strong taste, and a bit bitter.

2. GREEN GODDESS SALAD:  This Salad has a great taste, because it has the grilled chicken, romaine lettuce as the salad, green Goddess dressing, one special sauce that make the salad so yummy, cherry tomatoes, avocado, red radishes, edamame, sliced almonds, cucumbers and croutons.

In this dish, I can say that it has complete meal set. It has the rice, Lemon Pesto butter, Shrimp, Grilled Salmon and broccoli. The Grilled Salmon has the great taste and is grilled perfectly~

The name itself shows the whole dish in the plate, It has the filet Medallions that was grilled and covered with sweet black pepper BBQ sauce, and BBQ onion. The onions have sweet taste, and it is loaded with mashed potatoes and broccoli.

 MARKET FRESH PAIRING: A sweet ending to the meal,  we were served with the goodness down with a variety of delicious drink choices including the popular tart a sweet Romarita, A strawberry lover’s delight Strawberry Romarita, an adventurous mix of Mango Romarita of fresh tasting Wild Berry Romarita to complete the satisfying culinary experience.


i) ROMARITA:Tony Roma’s ultimate tart and sweet pairing of orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass.

ii)STRAWBERRY ROMARITA: A strawberry lover’s delight. Strawberry, orange juice, lime sour mix and fresh lime juice, shaken with ice. Served in a sugar-rimmed galss with a strawberry garnish.

iii) MANGO ROMARITA: An adventurous island mix of Mango, orange juice, fresh lime juice, and lime sour mix. Shaken with ice and served with a sugared glass with a fresh orange wedge.

Iv) WILD BERRY ROMARITA: Simply amazing wild berry, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken with ice and served in a glass dabbed in sugar. 
Last but not least is the dessert. We had our dessert trio for RM23.90. Here we can choose any three delicious sample cake in one big plate. We have out Red valvet cake, Shortcake with Fresh strawberry sauce and Chocolate Chunk cookie Sandwich. Yummieh~!

For those who want to see more updates about Tony Roma's, just go to their 
Facebook Page : Tony Roma's 

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