Food Review : Boat Noodle. The Best Thai Cuisine in Kuala Lumpur

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Last Saturday, me and some of the Malaysian bloggers were invited by Bro Framestone to dine in at Boat Noodle. This time around, Boat Noodle was having new menus in their restaurant.  They are bringing 9 more dishes to offer to their customers that are suitable for every ages regardless day and time.

The New additional menus are :
1. Thai Popeye’s Tempura: RM 6.90
A light snack which features fresh fried spinach that is cooked in crisp and coupled with a piquant “Soot-Yot” dip. Soot Yot in Thai simple means awesome! I can really feel the awesomeness while crunching the Popeye’s Tempura. For me this is a thumbs upp!
2. Yum Mama RM 8.90
The classic Thai Instant noodles smothered with slices of chicken sausage, crab stick and greenies. It has the spicy in it, so beware for the spiciness. I love the was they mix up the flavor in the noodle because I taste a bit of sourness inside it.
3. Yum Woon Sen RM13.00

- A must-try dish for seafood lovers who dare to take spicy food! Topped with bouncy shrimp and crab sticks, Woon Sen or locally known as Vermicelli is set to give an extra kick of flavour to the diners.
4. Kra-Pow Chicken Rice RM11.90

Kra-Pow means Thai Basi in Thai, and this is one of the common street food in Thailand. I love the taste of the Kra-Pow chicken because the taste is very new and rare. You’ll sould try it. As it serve with Rice and eggs, I’m sure you’re gonna be full with this menu.
5. Bangkok Omelet with “Sood Yut” RM11.90
 What’s special about this omelette? OH huys! This is the one that you’ll never regret to order. I love the taste of omelette, as it has the tender texture and also i can feel the juiciness of chicken inside it. The omelette must be dipped with the Soot-Yot  sauce as it will boost up the taste to a whole new level.
6. The Thai Salad Fruits, RM6.90
credit to Syafiera Lewis
This is one of the side dishes that Boat Noodle offers to their customers. The ingredient inside it were, cherry tomatoes, corns, quavas and peanut.
7.Ka  Num Tuay ( I set 2 pieces ) RM1.00 
Credits to Syafiera Lewis
Side dish from Boat noodle, on top was the coconut milk and the bottom green layer. According to Syafiera, this Ka Num Tuay is just like Kuih Talam, one of the  Malaysian traditional cake.
8. Boat Noodle

Beef Thai Rice Noodle (Pathumthani spicy and Ayutthaya non-spicy) Chicken Thai Rice Noodle (pick between Pathumthani spicy and Ayutthaya non-spicy). RM1.90
Each person is recommended to eat 4 bowl of Boat noodle and each bowl must eat immediately. Because after 5 minute later, the taste of the noodle will not be the same while it’s hot.
Here are some of the beverages that Boat Noodle offers to their customers,
From left, Coconut Ice Blended with icecream (NEW), Thai Tea Ice Blended RM8.90, Thai Coffee Ice Blended RM8.90 and lastly are Green Tea Ice Blended RM8.90.

The Thai Tea Ice was recognized as the best iced Tea in Time Square. This is one that I would highly to recommend to all!

For your information, Boat Noodle is one of the restaurants that serve Original Thai Cuisine in Malaysia. After a year putting their foot in the Malaysian Food Industry, now have about 9 outlets in Malaysia, which are strategically located at Empire Damansara, The School at Jaya One, Ikon Cheras, Berjaya Time Square, Publika, Sutera Mall at ohor Bharu, Gamuda Walk at Kota Kemuning, Klang Parade and D’Pluze Cyberjaya.

 For those who want to taste the Thai Cuisine, this is the perfect place for you. The environment and the menus will make you feel like you're in Thai. 

For more info visit : Boat Noodle FB and Instagram 

You'll like what you see at their pages too. 

psstt!! Wait for my next visit for other different menus ya. Bcoz, they will generate new menus in 3-4 months later. 

Till Then, 
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