EnerZ Media Tour and G.S.T Challenge Activation

6:15 PTG

View from the Top. 
On 18th April 2015, I was invited to Asia’s Very First Indoor Extreme Parks And Sports Arena  EnerZ Extreme Park that is situated at USJ Subang Indah,  for the grand launched the EnerZ G.S.T Challenge on social media.
High Performance Trampoline 
As one of the social media influencer, I got an exclusive pass to experience it for the first time the EnerZ G.S.T Challenge that: Sky Walking around the park, hanging in the air is such a memoreable experience that I would never forget.

Aiming to get Malaysian of all ages excited about fitness and encourage them to lead an active, healthy lifestyle , the EnerZ G.S.T. (Gut Builder, Sky Ropes, Trampolines) Challenge will features photo and videos of individuals who choose to participate in an adrenaline-fuelling and heart –racing challenge at EnerZ Extreme Park.
This was my first time Sky Ropes walking and it was great! I can overcome my fear of heights after tried out this sky rope walking thing. hahah

The Challenge requires participants to perform one of the chosen activities on the Gut Builder, Sky ropes or Trampolines and nominates their friends or family to do the same by uploading theor fun and energetic photos /videos on Facebook or Instagram via the Hashtags #EnerzHereICOme, #EnerzGSTChallenge and #EnerzWhoDaresMe.

Managing Director if EnerZ Extreme Park, Mr. Alvin Tey, hopes that this will create a chain reaction of action, inspiring more Malaysians to lead an “energetic lifestyle”, in line with their message.
rock climbing also available here
“As health and wellness continues to be major concern for us in Malaysia, more concerted efforts need to be made to reach out to all levels of the community, to encourage an change in mind-set and inspire action to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. This is one of the reasons why we came with a fun twist with GST, which is on everyone’s mind now- The EnerZ GST Challenge” said Alvin during the exclusive media tour of the Extreme Park, which was also held earlier that day.

Adding further value to the Challenge, and to demonstrate their seriousness in giving back to the community, EnerZ Extreme Park has pledged to sponsor one orphanage to attend their EnerZ Edutainment Programme for each submission of the EnerZ GST Challenge received on Facebook or Instagram. This pledge will carried out under the umbrella of the EnerZ Care Project, which aims to provide “energized edutainment” to children in need in Subang Jaya vicinity.

The EnerZ Edutainment Programme, one of the highlights of the Extreme Park, is designed especially for kids. Adapted from the Australian Edutainment Programme to suit local culture and learning style, this “edutainment’ programme is designed to enable kids to learn and explore fun physical activities that nurture leadership qualities and team building skills.

Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, the EnerZ Extreme Park features a plethora of activities and facilities for all ages, catered for those who are young, young at heart and have the energy to burn. Among their highlights includes trampolines, sky ropes, dodge ball, foam pits, badminton courts, martial arts and fitness classes.

Alvin added “We offer an outlet for children, youths and adults to exhaust their energy in a healthy and fun manner, and make use of their time productively. Our activities are not only designed to give visitors plenty of thrills and excitements, but also aim to challenge their abilities. Not only parents be assured that thier kids have a blast here, but they can also use this as a great way to spend quality time and bond with their children as they took part in the activities" 

Besides that, EnerZ also have a dedicated team to help the guest for parties, corporate events, product launches and also team building events

For more information about EnerZ Extreme Park,  details on facilities, activities and services, visit:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/EnerZIndoorExtremePark/

I really had a great time jumping on the trampoline, playing dough balls, and walking on the sky ropes that really challenge me the most. and for those who wanted to try out this activities with your family with affordable price :RM20 for an hour or RM50 for full day, I am highly recommended for you guys to come here at USJ Subang and experience it your self. 

Hope to see you guys here.

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