Dove Pampering Session (Hair treatment & Manicure) At La' Mode Coiffure Mid Valley

8:00 PG

Assalamua’alaikum and hello!

Last week I was invited to attend Dove Hair Fall treatment and Pampering Session at La’ Mode Coiffure located at Mid Valley Mega Mall. FYI, La’Mode Coiffure is one of the top hair salon in Malaysia as the Hair Stylist Alex Lim Won the Asia’s Top Fashion Hairstylist of the Year.
I am so honoured to be given this chance to experience the hair treatment in this prestigious saloon.

The product used for this event was Dove Hair Therapy range which specified in hair fall control. As you’ll knew, I did have hair fall problem and it worried me someday I will wake up with a bald head! Omo omooo.. nightmare!

So here’s come Dove Hair Treatment range for the rescue!! Thanks Dove.

First we  started with hair shampoo. This is to get rid all the dirt, oil, or any unwanted materials on the hair. While having the hair my hair shampoo, my hair stylist also did some massage on the head. That makes me wanna sleep during this session. Then, we proceed with hair washing, blowing and perming. I wanted my hair to be curl, because I never did curly hair before~!

So how was it? OK??
Final Look? Ok or not?
After we did our hair, it’s time for makeup and manicure.
My makeup artist did not remove my makeup totally as she just added some color to it and added some more foundation to my face, that make me even flawless and softer look. I asked about the theme for today’s makeup was “Soft makeup look” and I think she did a great job on making me this great look. Usually, I’m so picky and choosey when somebody else did my makeup, but for her I’ll make an exception.
The manicure that they did was the French tip, as this was my first time did a manicure, So feeling excited a bit~!! Yeay~~

After finish makeup and manicure, it’s time for casting. This Dove Pampering session was objectively to make out videos about women with hair fall problem, and how did Dove shampoo help them to improve the hair.
The video shooting was held inside a closed area so that no one can disturb the session. Many questions were asked and I hope my shots will be in the TV soon!!

After being interviewed, next let’s take some selfie yah! Just bare with us guys.. you will see tons of our pictures inside here. 
with, Ayue and Syafiera

with my roomate . Nadirah. SIngle~!
Thanks Dove for this opportunity, I hope to see my face on the TV Screen soon~! And now I can enjoy the day with comfortable and confident after being pampered by them so much~!! hehehe
Till Then, 
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  1. I have a few bottles of Dove at home. They smell amazing!


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