What to do during this Equinox Phenomena in Malaysia?

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Assalamua’laikum and hello to my loyal reader.

To my Malaysian readers, do you feel the heat that is keep increasing especially at the city area. Like myself, I am a student in UiTM Shah Alam and here, the temperature during the mid day is about 39 degree Celsius. That is insane right! Even my experiment temperature is at 40 degree C. Only different in one degree C with my experiment on dry leaves. If it's reach 40, I think I will be dry just like leaves in the oven.. 

picture: from scienceblog.com
Therefore, I can conclude that the global warming is increasing each year and same goes to Malaysia. Not much rain drops, especially at Kuala Lumpur. Because of people keep on chopping out trees, making tall building and many constructions occurs everywhere.  

Global warming is now happening throughout Malaysia. As reported in Astro Awani's blog, An Equinox phenomena is happening in Malaysia, where the sun is located directly at the center of the Equator (Khatulistiwa). So the temperature rise up to 40 degree C will be happening especially Peninsular Malaysia.

What do we have to do in order to encounter with excessive heat during the day?? 

picture from : forskningsrade.net

Here are some tips that may help you during this season:

1. Make sure you stay indoor.
2. plug in your aircond or fan to the maximum scale.
3. drink up more water
4. use umbrella if you wanna go outside
5. avoid outdoor activity
6. use thin clothing
7. Eat wisely, why? You don’t want to eat something that can increase your body temperature
8. Drink Rhino water incase your body temperature rise drastically.
9. Take regular shower. 3 times a day.
10. Put charcoal in your room and house. To maintain the moisture level.
11. Pray to God so that rain comes and lowered the Earth’s temperature.

So here are some sharing that can help you during this hot day in Malaysia.
I hope this can help you to stay healthy and make sure to share this with your friend too~

Till Then,
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