Review: Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks

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Assalamua’laikum Ladies.

Have you tried the Maybelline Lip ColorShow? If you haven’t yet, let's read my review on it because I have purchased some of the Lip Show Color last week. I know some of the top bloggers have tried this lip color, but you know, girls can’t really resist the colors that these babies have to offer to us. So let us begin..
Here I have purchased three main colour that I am eager to try out,

1. Sweet Orchid
2. Orange Icon
3. Pink Punch

The Texture:

What I like the most is the soft texture compare to my other lipstick. I don’t feel any sticky feeling while using it Plus it smells so fruity. Maybe some of you guys  don’t favor any flavor or smell on the lipstick, but the fruity smell will not hurt you a bit yah~

The Packaging:

These Lip ColorShow range has and simple and standard design or packaging. Whole black body with a rectangular shape. They also have these plastic colored ring on the center of the lipstick’s body so that it is easy for us to indicate what color are the lipstick.


These babies are affordable honey... It just cost you RM17.90 per lipstick. (Normal Price). You can get this while on promotion too.

Where to get:

Any drug store available in Malaysia. So grab now ladies... These Lipstick are worth to try out.

 So basically, these three colors are the main core colors that include Purple, Orange and Pink.

Sweet Orchid is a Opaque purple color, which what I like to most is it has these glittery effect on the lip. It is near to a dark purple, but when I swatched it on my lips, it turns to these beautiful purple.

Next is the Orange Icon. This color shows a bright orange color , with a moisture added. That is very fun color to use. I tend to use orange color nowadays because of the vibrant color that makes us confident.

Lastly is the Pink Punch. This is my most favorite color among all. I love Pink so much and I just couldn't resist on having this in my collection. The pink color is soft, looks so natural when I applied it on my lips. There are some kind of pink lipstick,that look too pink on the lips and then make our lips like pale color. I hate that kind of pink. errr...

The shape of the lipstick is okay, I can easily apply it directly on my lips, because they have the small sharp ended. Easy to apply.. No smudges on the lips

The lipstick stay quite long on my lips during this hot and humid wheather in Malaysia, which is a good thing. It does not crack or fade out easily. In case you eat and drink, it may fade a bit. But overall, I really like all the features of the lipstick.
Sweet Orchid
Orange Icon
Pink Punch


Highly Recommended.

I think, that’s all from me about my new Lip ColorSHow Lipstick by Maybelline New York.

Because Your Worth it.

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  1. The pink punch colour is a must!

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    1. Thanks Julie for visiting my blog.

      Done follow and stalk your blog. heheh.

  3. the orange color is so nice...nak try, in case can suit well with my skin color.. :)


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