Hair Rebonding + Treatment less than RM200 at Kenzo Hair Studio, Shah Alam

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Assalamua’laikum. Hello to all my regular readers and also my new one. Yesterday I went to Pusat Kormesial at seksyen 7 here at Shah Alam to do my hair rebonding. As you all know, I have a frizzy hair, so a rebongding or a relaxing on my hair can make it better. So I went to Max Studie my regular saloon. Unfortunately, that salon always close. Huhuh. I don’t even know if they still run the business or not. So I went to the Salon beside western express, (previously it was western Express, but now they are under construction) . I remembered, last year there was this Indonesian salon, so I went there to give it a try.

But, when I went there, it was totally a different saloon. I asked the Hair stylist if they provide Hair rebounding or relaxing, because some stylist refused to do it because of the time consuming and because it’s a girls rebounding. Quite hard to do if they had long, thick hair to do a rebounding.
I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out Kenzo Hair studio because it’s worth every penny I've spend.

Usually, the price for hair rebounding by senior hair stylist will cost you around 300-600 Ringgit Malaysia, (sangat mahal!!) but they just offer me RM180 plus hair treatment. How great is that huuhh?

I asked Ekin ( the management team cum shampoo girl) when  did they start on business, because I remembered last year, there was different shop here. They just operated 6 months ago, and Alhamdulillah their business when well, Now student at UiTM have come back to the school, there will be many customers here. We talked like we have meet for a such long time. I think my hair rebounding session was fill with laughter and talking. It takes about 6 hours to finish my hair rebonding.

I asked them what products that they used for hair rebonding, they used a high quality brand such ad Loreal Professional Hair Spa and others. Good yah!

One thing I like about the saloon is the decoration. They have this vintage theme in their saloon, many vintage collections such as this vintage radio, posters, these bottles and the blouses that was own by Ekin’s grandma.

Not only students, but the famous designer Hatta Dolmat came here to do his hair. Is that great!! Min has the specialize in transforming ungly duckling to a handsome prince. If you wish to see their transformation, go to their Instagram : Kenzo_Hairstudio and follow them .

Oh! I totally forgot about my hair, after the hair rebonding treatment, next Min proceed with 2nd method that is to nourish the hair and to make the hair healthy. That is the treatment process. I love the treatment process because it;s make my hair soft, smells good and shiny. Some other saloon did not do this steps but still charges us (the customer) at a high price.
Like previous experience, I hate the smell of the hair rebounding chemicals that smells like piss~! Huhuh, they without any treatment process, they just left me with this straight hair like the it has been iron for a such long time (not natural straight hair) and a smelly head! And the rebounding did not last long without the treatment process.

After the treatment process, my hair is blown to let it dry. They put some hair serum to make it glossy and smells good. About 6 hours I spend my day at saloon and the  results are superb!

I am highly recommend UiTM students to cut their hair there because:
1. the owner is Malay, so we support Malay brand
2. cheap, compare to other saloon
3. the hair stylist it SENIOR. Full with experience and skills
4. they have the promotion for students;
Male: CUT + WASH =RM12
Female: CUT + WASH = RM20+

So fellas, don’t forget to go toKenzo Hair Studio at Pusat Kormesial Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. The location: In front of WESTSTAR

Ah! Good news to the senior hair stylist who is JOBLESS: KENZO is looking for you!!
Basic Salary : RM1700 + elaun+ service commission 10% + product commission 10%
Junior hair stylist : PM Them for Salary
Shampoo girl: PM them for salary

Visit their Instagram: Kenzo_hairstudio

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