Food Review: The Manhattan Fish Markets New Menus (Canadian Lobster & many more)

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Assalamua'alaikum and hello readers
So, in my last blogpost, I did mention with you about the price change before and after GST. If you haven't read it, click here
Today, I will share with you some of the upcoming menu that will be serve at The Manhattan Fish Markets outlets. If you are their regular customers, you might have seen their King Crab Menu, right. 
But this time, they will announcing new range of menu, that involve LOBSTER!!!
What?? Did you know that even at Bazaar Ramadhan they sell LOBSTER fro RM200 ++ OMG, so cruel right. But here at The Manhattan Fish Market, we can enjoy lobster at RM39.90. So cheap! 
Here you can see the Market Price is RM59.90, but at MFM, you can get at RM39.90 with various fabulous flaming sauces. you can either choose : 
  1. Manhattan Flaming sauce
  2. Ebiko Flaming sauce
  3. Honey BBQ Flaming Sauce
  4. Spicy Flaming Sauce
Each sauce have their own taste and my favourite is the Ebiko Flaming Sauce. 
The best part about this lobster is the lobster meat is tender and it absorb well with the sauce. the most part of the meat is at the crusher or what do we call the lobster's hand... ( in Malay we call it Sepit).

Not only that guys, MFM also serve the Lobster Platter. and guess what's the price is ? RM79.90. You can have a big Canadian Lobster and filled with some other tasty snack such as fried fish fillet, Crunchy fries, Mussels and also Garlic Herb Rice beneath the lobster. 

Beside that, MFM is doing a contest now for this Giant Lobster that is call Guess the Giant Lobster Weight! You can win 2 giant lobster feast and exclusive invitation to indulge in this exclusive event at the MFM AT IPC Shopping Centre. 
How to join this contest?

Just log into your FB and go to MFM facebook page. 2 families of up and 5 diners must win each must win.  The 2 contestant with the closest weight will win above prizes. 

Contest period : 23 March to 30th April 2015

So come on guys, lel's play this simple game and you might win yourself LOBSTERS~! hahahaa

A part from that, I did try out some of their new menus at MFM. For the starters, MFM serve us The Oyster Roulette. Each cup contain Oyster that is mixed with some spicy ingredients. Squeeze the lemon, and wallahh! there you have it, Oyster Roulette. among this four cups, one of it has the spiciest taste. But we don't know which one has the spiciest. So, for those who had that cup, prepared to be fill with spiciness!!

I am not a favor of spicy food, but the medium spiciness is acceptable. Luckily, during the food review session, I just got the medium spicy. hahah

Next, I was serve to the Bursting with beetroot goodness, this pink-hued soup is light and keeps your blood pressure and heart healthy. Light - RM5.50   Regular - RM6.50. 
This is recommended to Vegetarian as this soup is rich with Beetroot tasty flavor plus creamy taste of it makes it a unique soup try out!

Now we proceed with the main course of. First is the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang. This is a unique combination, where, the fried fish fillet is attached together with the Fried Chicken Fillet and serve with crispy fries, fried speghetti and egg. The cheese sauce that is spread above the fried fillets are the best!!
This menu rock babeyh! I really enjoyed the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang until I tend to shake my shoulder and everyones laugh because of it~! hahaha. The "Bang Bang" words makes me wanna shake it off babeyh!
For those who love cheese, this may be the ultimate meal for you. Presenting, Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice. Below the flamed cheese is golden fried rice with  bed of Coriander and you can find the hidden Rosemary Herb House under the cheesy dory fillet. Serve with boiled carrot and broccoli

 This is an amazing menu, Grilled Salmon with black pepper sauce. plus, mashed potatoes. This menu is rich with protein and carbs plus, some veges might add the nutrients inside it yah. What I love about this menu, is the salmon is well cooked, not too dry or too moist, Just in the great way to eat up, plus the black paper sauce mixed well with the mashed potatoes and the salmon. Bravo!
Last but not least, is the Dessert. Presenting Icy Hot Fish bananas. Where is actually the fish? These fillets are crispy breaded fish banana fritters paired with a scoop of creamy Vanilla ice-cream and strawberries. Simple and Indulgence!

Oh I almost forgot about the drinks, I was able to try out their latest drinks on the menu that are the Brooklyn Sunset (Mocktail) OR Vienna Coffee. Brooklyn is a  tango with luscious mango juice and a touch of strawberry for a sweet and tropical getaway. Makes you feel like you at Hawaii. heheh

Brooklyn Sunset
Meanwhile, Vienna Coffe is a double shot of strong espresso finishes with a pleasing cap of whipped cream dusted with cocoa. For a traditional experience, sip your coffee through the cream top. I love sipping through the wipecream, makes the coffee more creamy. 

viena Coffee

I think that's all for my food review on The Manhattan Fish market new menus. I really enjoy having this gathering with my food blogger friend, Isaac, Syafiera, Shamiera, Ivy and Pui.  and for those who wanted to try out The Manhattan Fish Markets food, you can find their outlets here:

MidValley Megamall, Pavillion, Sogo KL, Wangsa Walk, Ampang Park, Subang Parade, IPC Shopping Centre, Sunway Pyramid, eCurve, AEON Bukit Tinggi, Setia City Mall, Alamanda, Queensbay Mall, Juru Auto City, Sunway Carnival, All Season Place, AEON Seremban 2, The Spring Mall, Amanjaya Mall, AEON Kulai Jaya, AEON Tebrau, Mall of Medini, Nu Sentral, KB Mall, Komtar JBCC, Quill City Mall, IOI City Mall, Palm Mall Seremban.

For more info, Visit their 
Website page:
Facebook page

Till then, 

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