The Ballroom: Eat.Drink.Ball

2:30 PTG

The Ballroom is a brand new interactive entertainment center in Malaysia located in
The nu heart of Kuala Lumpur (KL), NU Sentral. The Ballroom gives you double
happiness by providing both pleasurable dining and entertainment experiences. As the
main subject of being a Asian & Western fusion restaurant, you can also enjoy the
leisure in our café and bar, which comes along with amusements like 24 cosmic bowling
lanes, pool & dart lounge and KTV room. Additional premium amenities like VIP bowling
room and corporate function room are specially built for any kind of private, corporate
and artist event; it’s a place where nice food meets nice music and nice entertainment.

The level of casual entertainment and party has elevated to a more exclusive way with
The outlet is presented in an entertainment-clubhouse concept with elegance and
luxurious accent, combination of various daring colors to express the feel of energetic
and excitement. You may find crystal chandeliers, modern art human statues, paintings
and decorations in the outlet with dim lights enlighten a cozy ambience.

Our kitchen will serve you all the tasty eats from a western cuisine menu specially
designed by our Executive Chef, which also including some of the Asian local delicacies,
by using fresh and quality food ingredients. We will take care of your corporate function,
team building or celebration event. Let us spice up your dining experience with our hot
selling signature dishes.

Fully loaded café & bar is ready to serve everything from coffee, tea, beers on tap to a
full list of juicy cocktails created with finest liquors in the house. We can even help you
to create a themed cocktail party to suit your requests in all kind of private or corporate

The special thing is that you're not only can show off some gorgeous moves in The
Ballroom, but you can also show your athletic talent in our outlet. Imagine a lady is
dancing, holding a champagne glass in her hand, the next she'll be playing bowling with
lots of cheers, laughter and fun! Nothing is impossible. Even kids can strike like a boss
now! The Ballroom also provided a well-equipped pool and dart lounge, VIP bowling
room, KTV room and corporate function room to help in enhancing an evening of
excitement and enjoyment.

The types of entertainments make The Ballroom experience so extraordinary and unique.
You'll be amused and found a very special corner where you feel belonged in our outlet.
We're looking forward to have you as our guest. Cheers, from The Ballroom team.
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  1. Corporate events by any organization always need special preparations. This would include preparing all the pre-convention conferences, working with the visual performers and authors, choosing the correct place for the conference, choosing food etc.


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