Product Launch: MagicRed by Zarra Sinar Putri

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Assalamua’laikum my beloved readers. Hope all of you are in a great health state. Please take care of yourself due to the increase of temperature in Malaysia. Make sure to drink a lot of plane water yup.
Last Tuesday, Hai Blogger members were invited to the launch of Zarra Sinar Putri new product, that was their MagicRed. This event was held at Lim Kok Wing University, Cyberjaya.

 This was my first time came here and I just felt that I’m in Dubai, many foreign students and many of them were also participated during the launch. The events started at 3.00pm with Aril AF as the emcee.
For your information, Zarra Sinar Putri is own by Datin Zamzarina Zambri, RTM famous tv personality. She decided to make Zarra as the replacement for her skin care range and tried to other women her secret to have youthful skin until now. She is concern in saving women from being the cosmetic bad effect. Good job Datin.. 
Therefore, Zarra Sinar Putri now is launching the MagicRed Whitening Cleanser that contain 4 in 1 function: Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing and Whitening and Elizabeth Tan as the ambassador for MagicRed. Elizabeth or can be known as Lizzy is  famous with the “Knock Knock” song. 

These event was exclusively invited through Hai Blogger Comunity Club, and here are some of the members. :) We are the Beauty Bloggers from the Hai Blogger. From left: Me, Ayue Indris and Syafiera Lewis. 

Not to forget, Wana Zara, Hazirah and Beary Blossom. :) 

We are with Datin Zamzarina Zambri, the owner of the Zara Sinar Putri. She is such an elegance and beautiful woman. Hope one day I will become like her too.. Tinggi dah sama tuu..

Okey folks, that's all for my report now. Next I will write a review on MagicRed Whitening Cleanser. Wait for my next entry. 

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  1. waaa...harap nanti dpt join sama2 lg

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