Holiday At Sarawak 1: Enjoy cool pool at Permai Beach, Mee Laksa Sarawak, & Cendol Kuching Sarawak

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Hello everyone, a week back to my hometown, many  things that I wish to do has been fulfill. Alhamdulillah. One of it was a visit/ swimming at Permai Beach that is located 60km from my house. This is one of my favorite beaches in Kuching as, it brings many great memories with my family and friends. 
I have been missing this beach about 2 years after I further my study to Shah Alam and now I'm married, I just came here with my hubby instead of friends that I usually do during my single life. yeah! I know, single life is uch more betterm but married is the best moment ever!!! for those who have married, they know what i'm talking about. Oh, yea, back to my story. I've asked my hubby to accompany me to go to the beach on Wednesday and also my sister. We head to Permai beach around 10 am and reached there at 11 am. 
There is not much difference during the trips, same road, same bridge, same mountain (mount Samtubong and Sejinjang). I was the one who drove the car, because I want my hubby to get the feeling to be a Borneo person for a while. I want him to know that Sarawak are rich with flora and fauna, and have a great scenery too~! heheeh. 

After we arrived at the Permai Beach, we had to walked through these long bridges and head to the jungle pool. It was at least 15 minutes of walking, because the jungle pool was located about 300 meter from the registration counter at the front. For those who has asthma, I suggest you bring along your inhaler. You might need it! . hahah.. the walk was not a straight kind of walked, but you have walked ups and downs. For me, that has a low stamina, I can easily exhausted with this kind of walk. Fiuhhhh!

The main aim for us here were to swim into the jungle pool~~! the water are fresh from the Waterfall of Mount Santubong of from the fountain. I don't even know, but I can say it the water are really cool, refreshing and crystal clear! I can barely see through my feet in the pool. 

Me and my little sister really enjoys swimming in this pool.. the water~! OMG, cool and refreshing. We were lucky because there were no other visitors came to the pool, because if it was on weekends, this pool will be full of people. if that the case, I will not jump in to the pool.. huhuhu, (many peoples tends to make the water cloudy).. Ewwwww.. 
After the pool, we headed to the 2nd beach that is located 50 meters, from the pools. But first, I must apply my Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum to avoid any sun damage to my skin. This lotion is so convinient, as I can bring it to anywhere I want. This lotion has SPF 25 to protect the skin from burning plus, you also need a hat to covers your face from the sun. 
How to apply: 
Just apply to the skin that you wanted to covers, such as, your hands, feet, neck and other places.

Like me, I just apply it on my hands because my hat don't covers much to my hand areas and also my feet.

Now i'm are done! I can play along the  beach without any worry for sun tan or burns.

This may not be the full review on Nivea UV Whitening Serum, I will post another proper review on this serum plus the Night serum too.

After a while, we headed to the main beach (beach one) for some photo taking. I can say that the view are very beautiful and peaceful. I can never get this view at KL.
me with hubby
Mount Santubong

I love the air breeze and the sound of water flowing the mount to the sea. Here, the water from the jungle flows directly to the beach. there are difference between the waters, as the water from the jungle is much cooler but the water from the sea is warmer. 

About 3 pm, we went back home after having lunch at Man Laksa for Laksa Sarawak and Mee Kolok and Ayam Penyet at 3H's Cafe. 

not to forget to try out Cendol From Sarawak. I can guarantee you the flavor is much better than the Semenanjung's Cendol. this is what made Sarawak so special. Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok and this Cendol! 

All right folks, that's all from me today. I will post another entry about my holiday at Sarawak soon. Insya Allah.

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