Food Review : Korean Food at Myeong-dong Topokki

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Annyeong.. It's been a while for me to write up this food review. Me and Hubby were invited to eat up and try out Korean foods at Myeong-dong Topokki at Asean Avenue Sunway Piramid. 

This is my first time trying out korean dish and I must say I am quite impressive with their creativity in making foods and snacks. Here are some foods that I've tried out during the food review. For more details, read below yah ~

1. Cheese Ramyun
 This is a type of Maggi Mee, but this time, it is mixed with Cheese. I'm not sure what type of cheese it's used, but my blogging partners said, it was great. Myeongdong serves this with other side dish such as Kimchi, Sushi, salad and ikan bilis with nuts.

2. Hangul Chicken
 I love chicken so much, and this Hangul Chicken is a must for those who wanted to try out what korean fried chicken taste like. I love the chrispyness and the tenderness of the chicken. :)

3. Kimchi Riceball
 This is a mixed of Kimchi and Rice, but I was told by the owner, this was not using ordinary rice. It was imported directly from Korea because their rice have this sticky effect and much fatter and rounder than our rice. It's taste much differ compare to Kimchi itself because it does not taste sour at all.

4. Pan-Fried Udon
My main dish! I love the noodles. Big Fat noodles that was fried by Korean Style. The taste was great! It was mixed with different types of sauces which I really want to know the recipe. but it was their secret ingredients. (T-T) I wish to know the recipe, because its remind me with the noodles that I ate at Pak John Steamboat. ahhh~

5. Ramyun Topokki

 Topokki is a type of korean street snack, but this time, they innovates the topokki by inserting with ramyun. The sauce is originally the topokki sauce, for me the sauce is quite spicy. The topokki actually made from wheat flour because it taste like it. Comes with Salad, Kimchi and Ikan bilis with nuts.

6. Sea Food Ramyun
 Next is Ramyun Sea Food, this ramyun is serve with big prawns others sea foods. Serve with sushi, kimchi and etc.

7. Topokki
Original topokki, for Koreans this is a must for them. Just like eating the Pisang Goreng. The sauce is quite hot. So, make sure to prepare cold drinks besides you.

So, this is my partner in crime, Sis Ella. And experiend blogger. Yah, Gamsahabnida unni and Gamsahabnida to Ivy from Food Malaysia and Gamsahabnida to Cloe the Myeongdong's Owner for having us to try out your Korean foods. We really enjoyed it. 

Visit Myeong- Dong Topokki at Asian Avenue at Sunway Piramid. The price range are RM2-RM14.00. and It is pork free. :) 

Visit their facebook page : 
Myeongdong Topokki

Till Then, 
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  1. Uikkk .. knp tak cakap nak letak gmbr kita? Blh kita pose lawa2. KahKahKah.

  2. wahh semua nampak sedap sampai taktau nak try yang mana dulu.hehehe..

  3. every food look so delicious.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    let me know if you follow me, and I will follow you back after it.
    thank you!

  4. We tried a few korean dishes but so far not so tasty, especially when they said its spicy. We always have doubt haha. Anyway thanks for sharing about this place. We also heard there is another nice place as well in One Utama. We are yet to visit them

    Cheers, Tt

  5. patut lah murah.. 2015 punya posting rupa nyaa 😂
    tahun ney sume nya da mahal gila harga myeongdong topokki 😑
    ruginya x rasa masa awal² bukak tahun lepas 😥


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